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Choose the correct word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly.
Do not .........your rivals.
A. Discriminate
B. Incriminate
C. Instigate
D. Provoke

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The word or phrase that will correctly fill the given blank should be suitable to the given meaning of the sentence. Here, the possible meaning of the word that can be added in the given sentence can be to make enemies angry or increase enmity.

Complete answer:
Let us analyze each option one by one.
Option A is discriminate. The word means to do unjust with anyone because of their cast, gender, and because of many more reasons. This meaning is not in line with the given hint. Thus, this option is incorrect. Therefore, option A is wrong.

Option B is incriminate. The word means to make someone guilty because of their work. This meaning is not in line with the given hint. Therefore, option B is wrong.

Option C is instigate. The word means to incite someone to do wrong with anybody else. This meaning is also not in line with the given hint. This word is also incorrect.

Option D is provoke. It means to make someone angry, emotional that the person will lose his temper and make the wrong decision. This word is correct because it is in line with the given hint. Therefore, option D is the right answer.

There can be many possible answers to questions such as these. But only the word among the given options that best suits the context of the statement needs to be identified by us.