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Choose the correct option to fill the blanks:
She is _________________ good _____________________ bad.
a) Either, not
b) Neither, or
c) Neither, nor
d) Neither, than

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Hint: Here we will take the correlative conjunctions like either/ or, neither/nor, etc. to complete the above-given sentence.

Complete answer:
Now, let us understand what the sentence needs to make it a complete and meaningful sentence.
The given sentence requires the use of correlative conjunctions. Such conjunctions connect two balanced clauses, phrases, or words and the two elements that correlative conjunctions connect are usually similar in length and grammatical structure.
Now, according to the question structure, we can infer that we need the conjunctions that indicate neither of the given two choices is right or can be chosen for use. Only one option provides such conjunction and that would be an option (c), i.e. ‘neither, nor’.
This implies that a correct solution is an option (c). We should also understand why the remaining options are incorrect. Therefore –
a) Either, not – either is followed by ‘or’ and not ‘not’. As we know either is used to offer a choice between two things and not is used to show negation or denial.
b) Neither, or – neither is used to indicate that none of the options are acceptable whereas ‘or’ indicates a choice or option between two things.
c) Neither, nor – it is the correct answer as it indicates that none of the options are acceptable or an option to be used.
d) Neither, than – neither indicates not accepting both options and ‘than’ introduces a comparison between the two things.
So, that is why option (c) is the correct solution for the above-given question.

 You can directly eliminate option (d) because if ‘than’ is used as a conjunction it has to be followed by a clause with a subject.