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Choose the correct meaning of the given phrase.
"Get off"
a) Overcome
b) Find agreeable
c) Succeed
d) Dismount
e) Set free

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The dictionary meaning of “Get off” is ‘to get down from, or to take something off something.’ So we need to find an alternative that is completely or partially the same as the phrase in the question.

Complete answer:
Looking at option ‘a’, we know that ‘overcome’ can be defined as ‘to succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty.’
Option b, ‘find agreeable’ means ‘something that can be mutually consented upon’.
Option c, ‘succeed’ can be explained as either ‘to achieve the desired aim or result’ or ‘to take over a throne, office, or other position from someone’.
Option d, ‘dismount’, which has two meanings, of which the primary one is ‘get off a horse, bicycle, or anything that one is riding.’ and the second one means ‘a move in which a gymnast jumps off an apparatus or completes a floor exercise.’
And lastly, option e, ‘set free’ means to ‘relieve something or someone that had been trapped’.
With the above analysis and explanations, we can very clearly conclude that option d, ‘dismount’ with its first explanation shall be considered the correct answer to the given question as it has the closest meaning to the phrase asked to us ‘get off’.

If you are not able to recall the dictionary meaning of an option or the word itself, you can always proceed with the formation of sentences with the respective words.