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Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence:
Do you still _________ to the football club?
A) Belongs
B) Belonging
C) Belong
D) Belonged

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Hint: Verbs are words that show an action (sing), occurrence (develop), or state of being (exist). Almost every sentence requires a verb.

Complete answer:
Option A) Belongs – is an incorrect option because ‘belongs’ means ‘to be owned by or be in the ownership of’ and ‘you’ is the plural subject and belongs refers to the singular subject. So, belongs is an incorrect usage of the verb in the sentence and it makes the sentence grammatically incorrect and incorrect answer.

Option B) Belonging – is an incorrect answer because ‘belonging’ is a verb in its participle form. ‘Still’ in the sentence represents that the question is in simple present tense, so, here we cannot use belonging. Thus, this is an incorrect answer.

Option C) Belong – is the correct answer because ‘you’ is the plural subject and we need a verb in its plural form, a plural verb in its present form does not have ‘s or es’. Thus, the use of belong in the blank makes the correct formation in the sentence ‘Do you still belong to the football club?’. Thus, this is the correct answer.

Option D) Belonged – is an incorrect answer because ‘belonged’ is the past form of the verb belong and the sentence is in simple present tense. So, the use of ‘belonged’ is inappropriate in the blank and makes sentences grammatically incorrect. Thus, this is an incorrect answer.

Hence, the correct answer is Option ‘C’.

Note: Here in this question subject verb agreement plays an important role in framing the sentences meaningfully and grammatically correct. In order to select the correct form of verb it is very important to understand the subject verb agreement. The meaning of subject verb agreement is that subject and verb should follow the same pattern i.e. if subject is singular the verb must be singular too and if subject is plural the verb must be in plural too.
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