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Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given. Pinocytosis is an example of
A) Facilitated transport
B) Active transport
C) Endocytosis
D) Exocytosis

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Hint:Pinocytosis is the ingestion of liquid in the cell. It takes place by budding of small vesicle from the cell membrane. Pinocytosis takes place in amoeba for the uptake of dissolved water and nutrients.

Complete Answer:
To answer this question we should know about the process of pinocytosis.
The word pinocytosis is made up of two words pino mean to drink and cytosis means cell. Pinocytosis is cell drinking. Pinocytosis is the process in which the small particles which are suspended in the extracellular fluids are taken into the cell by the help of pores formed in the cell membrane.
It is the continuous process in most of the cells. The fluids and dissolved nutrients internalise into the cell in a non-specific way. The molecules once taken up inside the cell form a vesicle which gets fused with the endosomes for further metabolism.
Once the particle is ingested, the vesicles move towards the other end of the plasma membrane and remove the extracellular fluid. This outward movement of fluid from the cell is called exocytosis. This helps in maintaining the size of the cell.
Facilitated Transport- It is the diffusion of ions across the membrane.
Active Transport- It is the diffusion of ions across the membrane against the concentration gradient. It requires energy.

The correct answer is (C). Pinocytosis is an example of endocytosis.

Note:It plays an important role in uptake of bigger molecules like fats. It helps in removal of waste from the cell as in the kidney cells. It also helps in recycling of nutrients.