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Choose the best option to complete the sentence.
_____________ very sharp. Use them carefully.
a) This scissors is
b) They are scissors
c) These scissors are
d) Those scissors is

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Hint:You need to find the words that are most suited here and bring out some meaning of the sentence. For a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural and agree with each other in their tense.

Complete answer:
Let us understand the fact that the subject and verb must agree with each other in their tenses and both should be either plural or singular.
Now, as we know ‘this’ and ‘is’ are singular pronoun and singular verb respectively, and using them with a plural noun like scissors is grammatically incorrect. This makes the two options (a) and (b) incorrect. With this explanation, we are left with two options.
Now, as discussed the subject and verb have to agree and in option (d), and in option (d) the verb is ‘is’ which is singular, and hence this option is also grammatically incorrect and cannot be used here.
Now, we are left with option (c) which has a plural verb, i.e. subject and verb agree with each other. And since scissors are plural (as they have two parts) this is correct.
Therefore, the correct solution is option (c).

 Scissors are in plural form as they have two parts that make scissors. Therefore, since the subject and verb has to agree with each other, the verb has to be plural too