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Choose the best option to complete the conversation.
Guest: Call me a taxi, please.
Receptionist: __________________________.
a) Hi, Taxi. I’m Anil
b) No, I’m afraid not
c) Sure, in a moment
d) Please do

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Hint: In the given conversation here, the guest is requesting the receptionist to call a taxi for him. We need to find the phrase that will complete the dialogue between the guest and receptionist.

Complete answer:
Let us look into the options and understand them and how they are used
Option (a) is an incorrect option as a taxi is a non – living thing and not a person. Therefore, one cannot address a taxi as ‘Hi, Taxi’.
Option (b) this phrase is a possible response to a question that would describe a person’s situation, for example: are you fine? Then this can be the response. But here it is incorrect.
Option (c) is correct as here the receptionist is assuring the guest that she will call a taxi for him. Since this is an appropriate response to a guest this is correct.
Option (d) this is incorrect as the receptionist cannot reply to a request by the phrase ‘please do’. Therefore, this is an incorrect solution.
Now, by the above explanation we can see that the correct solution is option (c), i.e. ‘sure, in a moment’, as it completes the dialogue and brings out a proper meaning.

The phrase has to be grammatically correct hence you need to find the phrase that should be an acceptable reply of a receptionist to a guest.