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Choose the best idiomatic expression to complete the conversation:
Nina: How was the science test?
Lisa: Easy. I knew all the answers like _______!
A) The back of my hand
B) It was yesterday
C) There’s no tomorrow
D) It’s now or never

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Hint: In this conversation, the idiom that will be used should have a meaning that denotes the knowledge of all the answers. The idiom used should also suit the conversation and should most appropriately fill the blank.

Complete answer:
Option A is the back of my hand. It means to have great knowledge or experience of something. This statement is correct and the meaning of the idiom is matching to the given hint. Therefore, Option A is correct.
Option B is it was yesterday. This means the last day of the past that is over or recent time. This given phrase is incorrect. Since the meaning of the given phrase is not similar to the one given in the hint. Therefore, Option B is incorrect.
Option C; there’s no tomorrow means the work that has the last day to submit and then we do it very quickly without thinking carefully. This option is also incorrect.
Option D; it's now or never means the work we have to do immediately and we didn't have another chance to do it. This option is also incorrect.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

The idiom can have two types of meanings. The meaning of an idiom that is not literal and instead which is metaphorical is considered while answering the question.