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Choose the best answer from (A), (B), (C) or (D), to complete the sentence:
Guess who I __________ at the stadium?
A) Ran up to
B) Ran by
C) Ran into
D) Ran down

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Hint:Phrasal verb is a verb that is made up of a main verb together with an adverb or a preposition, or both. For example: turn down, run into, sit up etc.

Complete answer:
Option A) Ran up to – is the correct answer because ran up is past participle the meaning of ‘ran up to’ is ‘to make something very quickly or the period of time just before an important event’ and this is the most appropriate option as it gives the meaning to the sentence. Thus, guess who I ran up to at the stadium? Thus, this is the correct answer.
Option B) Ran by – is an incorrect answer because ‘ran’ is a simple past tense of run and this is not an appropriate option in the blank ‘Guess who I ran by at the stadium? Thus, this is an incorrect answer.
Option C) Ran into – is an incorrect answer because ‘ran into’ is ‘to hit someone or something by accident while you are driving. For example: A car ran into him (hit his car) at the lights this morning. And this is an inappropriate option ‘Guess who I ran into at the stadium? and incorrect answer.
Option D) Ran down – is an incorrect answer because ‘ran down’ is a transitive verb and the meaning is to hit someone with your car and injure or kill them and this is not suitable in the sentence because in sentence nothing is stated as someone is injured or hit. So, ‘Guess who I ran down at the stadium? Is not correct. Thus, this is an incorrect answer.

Hence, the correct answer is Option ‘ A’.

Note: Ran up to is a phrasal verb and is the most suitable answer in the sentence because ran up to means very quickly, so, it might happen that he ran to meet his favorite sport person. Thus, Option A is the correct answer as it fit the best and other options are wrong.