Central Rice research institute (CRRI) is located in
A) Coimbatore
B) Cuttack
C) Shimla
D) Trivandrum

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Hint:The CRRI is the institute of the ICAR under the crop sciences division. This institute consists of two research stations. One is Central Rainfed Upland Rice Research Station (CRURRS), Jharkhand and other is Regional Rainfed Lowland Rice Research Station (RRLRRS), Assam.

Complete answer:
The Central Rice research institute is located in Cuttack in Odisha state at 24 meters above mean sea level (MSL).
Two KrishiVigyanKendras (KVKs) also work under the Central Rice research institute and are guided by the DDG. These are located at Koderma, Cuttack, Jainagar, Santhapur.
 >The annual rainfall in Cuttack is about 1200-1500 millimeters and is received during the month period of June to October.
>Minimal rainfall is received between November to May.
>The institute is located about 35 km away from the Bhubaneswar airport and about 7 km south-east of Cuttack railway station.

Additional information:International Rice Research Institute has developed over 400 improved rice varieties and farm technologies to enhance the rice productivity. Net contribution to overall growth from the last 50 years is 9%.

So, the correct answer is Cuttack.

Note:Honorable Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister who visited the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) headquarters. The CRRI was set up on 23 April 1946 in Cuttack on an experimental farm land provided by the Orissa Government. Dr. K. Ramiah, an eminent rice breeder and the founder Director.