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Big divide year of population growth of India is
A) 1921 AD
B) 1951 AD
C) 1981 AD
D) 1901 AD

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Hint:The demographic divide leads to extensive births and death among many countries in the world. Poor countries faced more birth rates and low life expectancies. Wealthy countries had less birth rate but the average life span was more.

Complete answer:
The year 1921 is known as the year of “Big divide” or “Great divide”. When it comes to population growth, one must understand that there are 3 stages of population growth. The first stage had a low population growth with high birth and death rate. The second stage had a high population with a high birth rate and low death rates. And finally, in the third stage, modernization and industrialization came into the market. So, the living standard was increased but there was less birth and death rate. Due to this, the population started to decline.
In India, population growth was slow until 1920. In 1921, a year of great divide happened in the entire history of India. Mortality rate declined sharply. This led to the acceleration of population growth rate. The same condition prevailed for the next three decades till 1951. So, the year 1921 is known as “Big Divide Year” of population growth in India.

The correct answer is option A 1921AD.

Note:Prior to 1921, the growth of population had more ups and downs. In India, there was negative population growth during the period of 1911 -1921. 1921 was the year when India moved from stage 1 to stage 2 of transition in demography.