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Bande Nawaz Darga is at __________.
A) Bidar
B) Vijayapura
C) Kalaburagi
D) Raichur

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Bande Nawaz Darga is one of the famous Darga in Karnataka. It is located at Gulbarga city. It makes one of the important Pilgrimages for Muslims. The Darga houses the tomb of Kwaja Bande Nawaz. The indo-Saracenic style has been used to build it.

Complete step by step solution:
The Bande Nawaz Darga situated at Gulbarga or Kalaburagi is one of the important Muslim pilgrimages and is a key site of attraction in Karnataka. The Darga houses the tomb of the popularly known Kwaja Bande Nawaz or Sufi Mohammad Gesu Darz. The tomb has paintings that reflect both Turkish and Iranian art on its walls. The annual festival called Urs is held here which marks the death anniversary of the saint. This happens every November and thus attracts thousands of pilgrims.
 Kwaja Bande Nawaz was a disciple of a Sufi saint called Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehlavi. The saint was born in 1321 and went to Kalaburagi in 1397 at the age of 76. Here he engaged himself in various religious discourses and sermons. He provided spiritual training for the people. He stayed at Kalaburagi for 22 years. He died at the age of 101 and was buried at Gulbarga. This came to be known as Bande Nawaz Darga. He wrote various books in Arabian, Persian, and Urdu languages. He was the first Sufi to use the south Indian branch of the Urdu language. This vernacular was later elaborated upon by many other Sufi.

Thus, the right answer is option C.

The death Anniversary of Kwaja Bande Nawaz occurs every year on 15, 16, and 17 Dhu al-Qadah. Several pilgrims travel to Karnataka to witness this festival and to seek blessings. The various books written by the saint are Tafseer-e-Qu’Orane-e-Majeed, Multaqit, Havashi Kashaf, etc.