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Atomicity of ${\text{Ag}}$ is?
A. Monatomic
B. Diatomic
C. Polyatomic
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Atomicity is defined as the number of atoms of a molecule. Atomicity is determined by adding the number of atoms present in a molecule.

Complete step by step answer:
Atomicity represents the total number of atoms present in a molecule.
To calculate the atomicity take the sum of all numbers of atoms present in the molecule.
The given substance ${\text {Ag}} $ has only one atom that is of silver.
So, the atomicity of Ag is 1, and the ${\text {Ag}} $ is known as monatomic.
Diatomic molecules should have two atoms whereas the ${\text {Ag}} $ has only one atom so, the option (B) is incorrect.
Polyatomic molecules should have three or more than three atoms whereas the ${\text {Ag}} $has only one atom so the option (C) is incorrect.

Therefore the option (A) monoatomic, is correct.

Additional information: Metals are generally monoatomic and atomicity of non-metals vary from diatomic to polyatomic but the noble gases which are non-metal are monoatomic. If the atomicity is three or four that can also be termed as triatomic or triatomic respectively or polyatomic. The element sulfur has the highest atomicity that is eight. Different allotropes of an element have different atomicity such as the atomicity of diamond and graphite is different whereas both are made up of carbons only.

The representation of the element shows the atomicity. By looking at the molecule the atomicity can be determined. The subscript present after an atom in the molecule shows the number of that atom in the molecule. The subscript present after a bracket in the molecule shows the number of all atoms present in the molecule.