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At which place are coaches for railway passengers produced?
A) Jalandhar
B) Amritsar
C) Ludhiana
D) Kapurthala

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Railway coach factory at Kapurthala is a coach manufacturing unit of the Indian railways in the state of Punjab. It was founded on 17 August, 1986 by our late prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi.

Complete step by step solution:
The Kapurthala factory started in 1987 and its first coach started to roll on March 31, 1988. It is responsible for design, development and manufacturing of coaches of passengers’ trains.
Initially, its production capacity was 1000 coaches per annum which increased to 1500 coaches per annum in 2010. It produced 1600 coaches in 2019. It is equipped with state of art computer aided design centre and computer numerical control machines to undertake designing and manufacturing of bogies, shells, fibre reinforced plastic interior as per the customer demands. The state of art manufacturing facilities and processes have made possible for railway coach factories to achieve excellence in designing, development, manufacturing, installation and after sale service of railway coaches.
Functions of railway coach factories in Kapurthala is to manufacture coaches for Indian railways and apart from this it also exports coaches to other countries if any orders are received.
Departments of railway coach factory of Kapurthala:
1) Mechanical department including designs, planning, shell and furnishing
2) Engineering department
3) General branch
4) Stores department
5) Quality department
6) Medical department
7) Personnel department
8) Electrical department
9) Security department
10) Accounts department

Therefore, the correct answer is Kapurthala that is option D.

Additional information:
Railway transport is one of the large means of public transport in India that connects distant places. It is a faster and cheaper way of transport.

The other factories that produces railway coaches in India are as follows,
1) Perambur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
2) Raebareli, Lucknow division, Uttar Pradesh