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At ${4^ \circ }C$, the density of water is __________ ${{kg}/{{m^3}}}$
A. 1000
B. 1
C. 200
D. 0.1

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Hint:Water doesn’t contain any constant density, because density in water changes as per the temperature, its maximum density is 1 gram per cubic centimeter.Weight of water per unit volume, which depends on the temperature, is called density of water. The S.I unit of density is measured in kilograms per cubic centimeter. In pure water the density is around one gram per cubic centimeter. The density of the substance is the same regards the size of the substance.

Complete step by step answer:
As the temperature of water decreases slowly, the water starts to form into clusters, as water transforms into clusters, the molecules in the water come closer together. When it is in complete solid form that is its temperature is below ${0^ \circ }C$, whereas the density decreases and volume increases. Its density is 0.998 gram per cubic centimeter. Now the temperature is at${4^ \circ }C$, then the water starts to flow and molecules start to move away from each other. Due to the raise in temperature, the volume decreases and density increases.

Hence, the density of water at ${4^ \circ }C$ is $1000{{kg}/{{m^3}}}$.

Note: Degree Celsius is used to measure the certain temperature. Density is the mass per unit volume of a substance. It expands and becomes less dense only when it is cooled further. Either the temperature is less than or greater than four degrees then the density is one gram per cubic centimeter.