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Assess the need of conservation of forest and wildlife

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Forests should be conserved for the following reasons:-

1. Helps to absorb and store carbon:-

We all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into the wood. This carbon stays bound up for hundreds or thousands of year. A Living forest is a vital part of the earth’s climate system. Trees soak up the whole carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, roots, leaves, and forest soils.

2. Helps in preventing floods:-

At times of hefty shower, lowland forests like floodplains assist in absorbing water and slow flood flows. This can help ill effects of damage to soil, property and buildings. For e.g., lowland forests such as the Blackwater swamps of the Southeast is the beautiful habitat for a wide range of wildlife.

3. Forests are the habitat for wildlife:-

They are the home to almost half of the world’s species. We can find some of the richest biodiversity in tropical forests. Insects and worms actually help to cycle nutrients through the soil. Many rare and endangered species, such as orang-utans, gorillas, tigers and pandas, depend on dense coverings of an isolated forest.

4. Helps to conserve soil and water:-

To allow rain to filter in soils, trees actually can help by slowing runoff. They can preserve groundwater supplies which are very important both for drinking water supply and aquatic life conservation. Trees also help to hold soil in place, reduce soil erosion by both water and wind. 

5. Helps in regulate regional climate:-

Trees provide cooling shade for homes and buildings and help to ease the “heat island” effect, reducing energy usage for air conditioning in the summer. The minute they planted strategically, they can be used as effective wind barriers. 

6. They add natural beauty:-

Forests are the foundations of human inspiration and enjoyment. They are a symbol of life. In modern times, they are the movement to sustain the environment that all people depend upon. It is reported from the polls that more than 90 per cent of citizens report that trees give them a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

The same applies for a better wildlife system as well:-

1. Wildlife helps to maintain healthy eco-system:-

A healthy eco-system is all about associations between dissimilar organisms well connected through food webs and chains. It may disturb the whole food chain if a single wildlife species gets extinct which results in disastrous results. 

2. Helps to maintain a healthy environment:-

Wildlife plays a major role to keep the environment healthy and clean. Bacteria, micro-organisms, fungi and earthworms feed on plants and animal wastes, decompose them and release the chemicals back into the soil. Thus, refilling it with nutrients which is taken up by roots of plants. This enables plants to grow and develop. 

3. Helps living beings to feed our souls with their beauty:-

Most of the humans enjoy seeing wildlife alive in their native landscapes, we have some who liked killing them as well. You cannot really compare zoos with the live wildlife. Journey into these mystic lands and watching these amazing creatures in these primal paradises are really worth enough. It is difficult to describe the experience in words.  

4. It adds to economic value:-

Wildlife really helps in improving the economy of the country. Nowadays countries invite tourists from all across the globe to witness the prevalent and rare species through their offerings for wildlife safaris and birding tours. Wildlife reserves and forests greatly contribute to the inflow of foreign exchange in return.