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As opposed to primary sexual characteristics, changes in secondary sexual characteristics are mostly evident in changes in
(A) Reproductive capacity
(B) The skeleton system
(C) The circulatory system
(D) External appearance

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Hint: The primary sexual characters are present at the time of the birth itself where the secondary sexual characters are obtained after the time of the puberty. The primary sexual characteristics include the sexual organ present in the body. It includes the penis and the testes in the male and the vagina and the ovary in the female.

Complete Answer:
- The secondary sexual characteristics appeared at the time of puberty. Up to the time of puberty, the male and the female look similar and have similar appearance except the primary sexual characteristics. It includes the growth of facial hairs, growth of Adam’s apple, broadening of the shoulders, deepening of the voice etc.
- In females, the secondary sexual characteristics are the growth of the pubic hairs, softening of the voice, decrease in the upper body mass, menstrual cycle, growth of the breast, widening of the hip muscle etc.
- In addition to the primary sexual characteristics, they cause furthermore changes in the external appearance of the body. Hence these characteristics result in the change in the external appearance of the body.
- After the secondary sexual characteristics are shown, then the male or female is capable of undergoing the reproduction to produce their offspring.

Thus, the option (D) is correct.

Note: The testosterone is responsible for the indication of the secondary sexual characteristics in the male and the estrogen is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristic’s indication in the female body. This hormone induces the production of the sperm in the male and the menstrual cycle in the female.