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Arrange the following sentences in a logical sequence:
1) This process also reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.
2) For making this work we put used materials in a landfill, it is developed and made into new items.
3) Lastly, as a result, it also helps to bring prices down on items that are made from using recycled water.
4) Recycling is the term used to describe an alternative form of getting rid of used materials

a) C-d-b-a
b) D-a-b-c
c) D-c-b-a
d) D-b-a-c

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Hint: A series of sentences should be arranged chronologically or logically so that they make some sense and have some meaning otherwise it will be incorrect.

Complete answer:
Statements to be correct has to be in chronological order so as to give some meaning to the whole paragraph that it forms. A correct arrangement makes a good paragraph, otherwise, it will be incorrect.
Now, we have four options that give or provide an order to arrange the given statement. So, now we will look into each option and try to find the correct order.
a) C-d-b-a :- this arrangement indicates that the sentence starting with ‘lastly’ should come at first in the arrangement chronology. But, this won’t be correct because it does not provide a meaning to the paragraph that s formed when the statements are arranged in this order.
b) D-a-b-c :- this arrangement first describes recycling which helps in reducing landfills. Then the waste is put into landfills and items are made and in the end, it brings down the price. This also is not the correct sequence of arrangements.
c) D-c-b-a :- this arrangement first describes recycling and then goes directly to talk about the result due to which this is not the correct sequence.
d) D-b-a-c :- this arrangement first talks of recycling, then tells about how recycling is made use of and after that, it tells how it helps landfills and then gives a result of the process of recycling and landfills management.
Now, as you can see the arrangement that makes the most sense is the solution in option (d), i.e. d-b-a-c.

Here, you can directly eliminate the first option as we can never start a paragraph by first giving a result for what we are trying to explain.