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Why are synthetic fibres more popular than natural fibres?

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Hint:To answer this question, you must know the difference between synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Based on the properties that natural fibres lack, synthetic fibres are prepared in such a way so as to fulfill those requirements as well.

Complete answer:
Natural fibers are those fibers which are obtained from natural sources like plants and animals. Some common examples of natural fibres are cotton, silk, wool, etc.
Synthetic fibers are those fibers which are prepared by human beings in laboratories. They are polymers formed by repeating units of various monomers. Various synthetic fibers that are commonly used are nylon, acrylics and polyesters. Synthetic fibers are preferably used more than natural fibers because they are more durable and elastic. Synthetic fibers are stronger, softer and cheaper as compared to natural fibers.
From the above properties of synthetic fibers, it is clear that they have more vast and necessary properties than those in natural fibers. Thus, they are more popular than natural fibers.

 A common example of a widely used synthetic fiber is nylon.
Nylon is a silk- like thermoplastic polymer having various properties that make it suitable to be used as a fiber. It has a compact molecular structure with high elasticity and tenacity. Nylon also has good weathering properties. It does not crease easily when worn and any creases formed can be removed easily by heating. Nylon can appear either lustrous, dull or semi- lustrous. Another advantage of this fiber is that it does not catch fire unlike cotton that on the other hand is easily combustible. Nylon fibres also show high resistance to fungi, animals, insects, molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals.
Due to these properties, nylon is more popular than cotton nowadays.
Last updated date: 20th Sep 2023
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