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What are HYV seeds? Write one merit and one limitation.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Seeds are considered as the endosperm or as the endospermic tissue which stores food. It provides nourishment to the embryo during its growth. In the ovary of the female flower, the ovules are present which develop into seeds. Seeds have protective covers. The outer and inner cover namely – testa and tegmen respectively.

Complete Answer:
HYV is known as the High Yield Variety of seeds. These seeds yield a high variety of crops like rice, cotton, wheat, corn, soybean, potato, etc. Due to the enhancement and development of various ideas and theories in the field of botanical science and biotechnology, scientists can make various types of crops depending on the desire of the customer. Now we can create high yield crops that will provide benefits and provide the yield in very less duration. These crops are matured early. These crops provide high quality and quantity crops. These crops can be yielded in a very small space and at a very early time. One of the most important advantages of this plant is that they are less effective against insects or any plant diseases. It will prove to be helpful in yielding high-quality crops in very little time and space. The limitations and disadvantages of these crops are that they need more fertilizers, pesticides, and water as compared to normal crops. They have the ability to withstand strong winds and rainfall. Their height is small or dwarf which provides them with the ability to withstand strong winds or rainfall.

Note: The High yielding varieties are developed in science laboratories or in any other factories. They help to get good quality crops in less time. It has improved the background of the agriculture field by helping and promoting growth