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Apply arithmetic operation and explain how to find the value of the equation 20 * 10 – 1 + 17 * 5.

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint:- Let us apply the BODMAS Rule (Bracket Of Multiply Divide Addition and Subtraction Rule) to find the value of the given equation.

Complete step-by-step solution-
As we know that when we are given some equation and are asked to find the value of that equation then we solve that equation by applying arithmetic operation step by step.
Like there can be many mathematical symbols in an equation.
So, a rule called BODMAS derived to solve any mathematical equation with many mathematical symbols.
And according to this rule,
B states for Bracket ( ), { }, [ ].
O stands for of
D stands for division /.
M stands for multiplication *.
A stands for addition +
And, S stands for subtraction - .
And preference goes from B to S.
So, now we had to apply the BODMAS Rule on any equation. And then we will get the correct value of the equation easily.
So, applying the BODMAS Rule in the given equation.
Solving the given equation step by step.
First, we should multiply 20 and 10 because Bracket, of and division are not present in the equation.
200 – 1 + 17 * 5
Now we had to multiply 17 and 5.
200 – 1 + 85
Now performing addition,
285 – 1 = 284 (After performing subtraction)
So, the value of the given equation will be 284.
Hence, 20 * 10 – 1 + 17 * 5 = 284
Note:- Whenever we come up with this type of problem then the best way to find the solution of the problem is by solving the given equation step by step using the BODMAS Rule going from left of the equation to right of the equation.