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Anti-Arrack movement was started in __________ district of Andhra Pradesh.
A. East Godavari
B. Nellore
C. Srikakulam
D. Vijayanagaram

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Hint: The anti-Arrack movement was a historic mass upheaval initiated by women against the production and marketing of country liquor. This took place in Andhra Pradesh.

Complete answer: The anti-Arrack movement was a mass upheaval of women. This was initiated against the production and marketing of country liquor i.e. arrack. This movement spurred the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. The major reason why the women rose against it was that they recognized the effects of liquor consumption in Andhra Pradesh. This movement became one of the biggest agitations that were solely led by women. Women collectively stood against the state and its agencies at that time. As a result of which there was a total prohibition of production of illicit liquor in the state. The national literacy movement was launched in Nellore district, in January 1990. There were mass-literacy campaigns that were state-organised which led to women getting together and addressing their predicaments. This movement was a result of these meetings itself. It grew as a spontaneous movement in the small village of Dubagunta.
Therefore, “B” is the right answer.

Note: The movement brought awareness among women. They discovered that the consumption of locally made, cheap liquor was the cause of their troubled domestic life.