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Answer the question in detail:
How will you manage the litter during the field visit?

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Hint: Field trip is also known as field visit which is normally done by school students. It helps to gain knowledge regarding the soil and the plant that grows in that soil. During the field visit, many necessary measures have taken place to protect the soil from any damage.

Complete Answer:
A field visit is generally performed in schools where the students are taken to the field which is away from the school. During the field visit, proper care must be taken about carrying the object. It is not good to carry a plastic bag because it is light in weight so it can fly away anywhere and its improper decomposition will lead to soil pollution. If one carries then it should be taken care that all the plastic should be kept in a bag which should be thrown away at a proper place and in the dustbin after the field visit. It is better to carry homemade items, steel bottles, reusable bags made up of cloth and paper etc, instead of buying the packed product from outside which will lead to the formation of litter.
Field visit not only performs in the open field it can be performed in farms, factories and museums to increase knowledge regarding the equipment present.

Field visit is performed to observe the places based on the water body, types of soil, chances of agriculture, chances of human settlement and vegetation. Due to the polluted and dusty area, it is recommended to carry a medical kit and mask for safety purposes.
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