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An article on environment

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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The word environment refers to all ecological units which are naturally present on earth in the form of land, water, air, soil, forest, sunlight, minerals, living organisms, etc. This earth is full of natural surroundings, some are biotic and some are non-biotic.

Biotic elements are those element that has life like human, bird, animal, plants and micro-organisms. Whereas non biotic elements are those which have no life like air, sunlight, water, land, soil, minerals, etc. Further it is also divided among four different spheres viz. biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. In which, hydrosphere is the largest part on the earth among all. Life on earth has become possible due to some kind of actions and reactions between different kinds of resources that are present in environment. All the spheres contain some of the natural resources inside its category:

1. Atmosphere: Air, sunlight, weather, etc.

2. Lithosphere: Solid or rigid area of the earth, also we can say that the crust and the upper mantle of the earth like land.

3. Biosphere: Biosphere is the area or zone of earth where life exists in form of plants, animals, birds and human.

4. Hydrosphere: The largest portion (about 75%) of the earth area where water is found in form of oceans.

        Currently, the situation of environment is very poor that could never be imagined by our ancestors in previous time. We have endlessly spoiled our environment by using its resources in very wrong way. We can see that every day and everywhere pollution is rapidly increasing on earth whether it is air, land, water or soil pollution, deforestation, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the human beings through technological advancement. Impurity element has involved in every era of environment. Number of increased factories, industries, vehicles or other transportation has caused the poor situation of air pollution in whole world. At present, the situation has become so poor that IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change), which is a scientific and international body under United Nations, has declared the situation of “Global Warming” on earth due to the increased level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere. 

Use of natural resources should be carefully planned and executed. For providing a better and healthy life to our forthcoming generations, we all should unite with take some pledge about prevention of our environment with less and safe use of natural resources.

         Thus it is correctly quoted, ‘The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth’ – Marlee Matlin.