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Against the given word. There are some alternatives, one of which is either similar in meaning (synonym) or opposite in meaning (antonym) to the word. Find out which of the given alternatives is either a synonym or an antonym of the word.
a) Disharmony
b) Skill
c) Clumsiness
d) Inferiority

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Hint: The meaning associated with the word ‘knack’ defines it as having a set of special skills, talent, or aptitude. Here, you need to find the closest synonym or antonym of knack.

Complete answer:
the word ‘knack’ is a noun indicating someone who has a set of special skills, talent, or aptitude. We can understand the word with the help of an example, i.e. she had a knack doing the right things or he has a knack for painting, etc.
Now, let us look into the options that we have and determine which of them would be the correct solution. So –
Disharmony, it means a lack of harmony or an argument between people or a situation of argument and disagreements.
Skill, it means the ability to do something well or having expertise in certain areas of work.
Clumsiness, it means the quality of being awkward or lacking quality in the work front or social front.
Inferiority, it means the condition or feeling of being on a lower status or quality of life in comparison to others.
So, as you can see now that in the given option there is one word that shares a similar meaning to the root word ‘knack’ and the option is – option (b), i.e. skill (in this question there is a synonym given and not an antonym).
Therefore, the correct solution is option (b), i.e. skill.

If you are familiar with the meaning of the word ‘knack’ that is more than enough to help you get the answer. With the help of the meaning of ‘knack’ you can eliminate the other unwanted options and find the correct solution.