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According to the 2011 census, the female literacy rate in India is _________.
A. 66.46%
B. 65.46%
C. 67.7%
D. 68.9%

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Hint:Literacy rate is defined as the percentage of population in any particular age group who can read and write. The form of written communication was derived from Mesopotamia.
The impact of literacy can be reflected in each and every economy of the world.

Complete answer:
Option B – In the traditional period the source of education in India was through the Gurus who taught in the schools or gurukuls which were supported and built by the public donations. During the time of Britishers the community used to fund the schools and there were establishment of temple based education too but the decline of funds by them gradually decreased the education system for the entire nation. This led to the introduction of several educational schemes for the promotion of education in the country. The Sergeant Scheme was one of the plans introduced by the Government of British India in the year 1944 for reconstructing the system of education in India.
After the independence of India it became a compulsory and universal provision of providing education to all the children under the age group of 6 to 14 years by mentioning it in the Directive Policy of the Constitution in Article 45. In the year 2002, the Constitution of India made the 86th Amendment Act and passed it in the Fundamental Right. According to the 2011 Census report the literacy rate of India is 74% from 18.33% in 1951. The male literacy rate is 82.14 and female literacy rate is 65.46 or 65.5% from 27.16 % and 8.86% in 1951 for male and female respectively.

Thus, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India.
Bihar is the least literate state in India.
In global terms, China is the most literate country in the world according to a UNESCO 2015 report.