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Abhijit spent $\dfrac{1}{3}$ of an hour painting his toy aeroplane and $\dfrac{1}{6}$ of an hour polishing his shoes. How much time did he spend together?

  A)\dfrac{1}{2} \\
  B)\dfrac{3}{2} \\
  C)\dfrac{5}{6} \\
  D)1 \\

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Hint: In this problem we have found the total time that he had spent together to complete his work. To find the total time that he spent we have added both the time that he spent to do his work.

Complete step-by-step answer:

Here it is given that total time that he spent to paint his toy aeroplane = $\dfrac{1}{3}$
And also known that time he took to polish his shoes = $\dfrac{1}{6}$
Therefore total time he spent together =$\dfrac{1}{3} + \dfrac{1}{6} = \dfrac{1}{2}$
Hence we got to know that Abhijit has spent a total $\dfrac{1}{2}$ hr together to do his work.
Option A is the correct one.

Note: Here to find the total time that he has spent to do his work we have to add the time that he took to work. It is important to focus on taking LCM of numbers.
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