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Aasheesh can paint his doll in $20$ minutes and his sister chinki can do so in $25$ minutes. They paint the doll together for five minutes. At this junctions they have a quarrel and chinki with draws from painting.In how many minutes will aasheesh finish the painting of the remaining doll?

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Hint: A fraction speaks to a piece of an entire or, all the more by and large, quite a few equivalent parts. At the point when spoken in ordinary English, a portion portrays the number of parts of a specific size there are, for instance, one-half, eight-fifths, seventy five percent.

Complete step by step answer:
Aasheesh can paint a doll in $20$ minutes, chinki can do the same in $25$ minutes.
work done by Aasheesh in $1$ minute $ = \dfrac{1}{{20}}$
Work done by Chinki in $1$ minute $ = \dfrac{1}{{25}}$
Work done by them together$ = \dfrac{1}{{20}} + \dfrac{1}{{25}}$
$ \Rightarrow \dfrac{{5 + 4}}{{100}} = \dfrac{9}{{100}}$
Work done by them in $5$ minute $ \Rightarrow 5 \times \dfrac{9}{{100}} = \dfrac{9}{{20}}$
Remaining , work $ \Rightarrow 1 - \dfrac{9}{{20}} = \dfrac{{11}}{{20}}$
It is given that the remaining work is done by Aaasheen.
The work done by Aasheesh in $20$ minutes.
$\therefore \dfrac{{11}}{{20}}th$ work will be done by Aasheesh in $(20 \times \dfrac{{11}}{{20}})$ minutes or $11$ minutes

Thus, the remaining work is done by Aasheesh in $11$ minutes.

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