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A person will suffer from beriberi, rickets and scurvy, if his food does not contain adequate amounts of
(A) Vitamin ${B_6}$ , A and C
(B) Vitamin ${B_1}$, D and C
(C) Vitamin A, ${B_1}$ and E
(D) Vitamin ${B_6}$, A and K

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Hint: The food that the human intake must contain all the nutrients like carbohydrate, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and the minerals. If it contains all the nutrients in the correct proportion, it is called a balanced diet. All these nutrients must be in adequate amounts if not, it will result in nutritional deficiency disease.

Complete Answer:
- Beriberi is the deficiency disease of the vitamin ${B_1}$. Thiamine is the vitamin ${B_1}$. The beriberi is of two types as the wet beriberi and the dry beriberi.
- The wet beriberi affects the circulatory system and the organ of the circulation, heart. If it is the serious condition, it may result in the heart failure leading to the death of the organism. The dry beriberi results in the neuropathy by affecting the neurons.
- Rickets are mainly due to the deficiency of the vitamin D and the calcium. This commonly occurs in the children by causing the softening and the weakening of the bones.
- Vitamin D is the compound that is mainly obtained from the sunlight used for the absorption of the calcium and the phosphorus in the food. Hence the lack of vitamin D causes calcium deficiency also.
- The scurvy is caused by the lack of the vitamin C. The symptoms of this disease is bleeding gums and the loosening of the teeth. It also causes the opening of the healed wounds.

Thus, the option (B) is correct.

Note: The other option, vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness but can provide the day vision and the vitamin K deficiency results in the Hemorrhage, loss of blood through wounds etc. The vitamin E deficiency causes the sterility by making it unable to reproduce.