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A mixture of sand, powdered glass and common salt is dissolved in water and then filtered. Now answer:
A. Name the substance left on the filter paper
B. Name the substance in the filtrate.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: We know that filtration is the process in which we can extract or separate the solid materials that dissolved in the aqueous solution. In the filtration process, two main components are obtained one is residue and other one is filtrate.

Complete step by step answer:
As we all know, the pores from which any liquid solution can be passed through or flow through the filter is generally termed as filtrate. The filtrate is those substances usually dissolved in the solvent like water or in any other solvents.
The solid substances that cannot be passed through the filter's pores are generally termed as residues.
So, when the mixture of sand, powdered glass, and common salt is dissolved in water and then filtered, we get sand and powdered glass as a residue, and salt, which is soluble in water, is obtained as filtrate.
Therefore, the answer to question (A) is sand and powdered glass are the substances left on the filter paper, and the answer to the question (B) is salt as the substance in the filtrate.

One should not be confused in the basic difference between filtrate and residue. The most common filtration process which is used to filter any chemical substrates is written below.
1. Hot filtration
2. Cold filtration
3. Multilayer filtration
4. Gravity filtration
5. Centrifugal filtration