A merchant had Rs.78,592 with her. She placed an order for purchasing 42 radio sets at Rs.1200 each. How much money will remain with her after the purchase?

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Hint- Remaining money will be the money left after buying 42 radio sets at Rs.1200 each. Calculate the cost of 42 radios and subtract from merchant money.

Given: Total money merchant had \[ = {\text{Rs }}78,592\]
and cost of 1 radio set \[ = {\text{Rs }}1200\]
$\therefore $Cost of 42 radio sets $ = 42 \times 1200 = {\text{Rs 504}}00$
$\therefore $The total money spent by merchant is ${\text{Rs 50400}}$.
Money left = Total money – Total money spent
Money left $ = {\text{Rs 78592}} - {\text{Rs 50400}}$
Money left $ = {\text{Rs 28192}}$
Therefore,${\text{Rs 28192}}$ will remain with her after purchasing $42$ radio sets.

Note- In these types of questions, always try to calculate the total money spent first by multiplying the cost of one product with the number of products purchased.
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