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A doctor/ nurse/ health-worker is exposed to more sick people than others in the community. Find out how she/he avoids getting sick herself/himself.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Health-workers can protect herself/himself from diseases by following healthy habits and few basic safety measures.

Complete Answer:
A doctor/ nurse/ health-worker is exposed to more sick people than others in the community because they get closer to patients while examining and hence there is always risk of getting infected by any kind of disease. They can avoid getting sick herself/himself only by taking a few basic measures. While working with patients, they develop immunity but this is not enough to protect them from all diseases.

The following precautions must be taken by a doctor/ nurse/ health-worker:
- Clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces: Germs can live on surfaces. Cleaning with soap and water is usually enough but using phenyl is good to sterilize any surface more effectively.
- Don’t share personal items: Avoid sharing personal items that can’t be disinfected.
- Maintain personal hygiene: Personal cleanliness, washing hands with dettol after handling equipment, clothes etc of patients.
- Wearing a mask: When come in contact with a disease person, it protects from the germs present in the air in hospital rooms. Also using gloves to avoid direct contact with wounded infection.
- Wash hand often: Washing hand before and after treatment of the patient protects both doctor and patient from other infections.
- Drink safe water and eat nutritious foods: Diet always plays an important role in health. By having safe water and healthy meal immunity get stronger.
- Get vaccinated: Vaccine can prevent many infectious diseases.

Note: A doctor/ nurse and health-worker can protect themselves by using mask and gloves, keep washing hands before and after patients treatment, sterilizing surfaces that come in regular contact etc to keep themselves safe from any diseases.