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A circular canal which is found within the limbus of the attention is named
A. Hyaloid canal
B. Canal of Schlemm
C. Canal of Cloquet
D. Eustachian tube

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: It is named after Friedrich Schlemm (1795–1858), a German anatomist. It is a circular lymphatic like vessel in the eye. Schlemm’s canal is present around the outer angle of the anterior chamber ahead of the iris like a ringlike passageway.

Complete Answer:
- The canal is an endothelium lined tube, resembling that of a lymph vessel. It is covered by the trabecular meshwork on the inside of the canal nearest to the aqueous humor. From the anterior chamber, it collects aqueous humor and sends it into the episcleral blood vessels via aqueous veins.
- Conventionally, the canal has been considered a vessel, but studies published in 2014 showed that the molecular identity of the canal of Schlemm is extremely almost like the one among lymphatic vasculature.
- Schlemm's canal (also referred to as the scleral venous sinus) as a vein, the canal shares several structural and functional features like the lymphatic vasculature. Notably, it is never crammed with blood in physiological settings because it does not receive blood circulation.

Thus, the correct option is B (Canal of Schlemm).
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Note: The aqueous humor nourishes the eye and maintains its proper pressure. Physical injury to the canal may lead to glaucoma. If the canal of Schlemm is damaged, the patient could develop a blurred or otherwise impaired vision.