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A bird flies \[\dfrac{2}{3}\]of a mile per minute. How many miles per hour is it flying?

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Hint: Here in this question, given the speed of bird flies in the unit of miles per minute. Here we have to convert the speed a bird flies in the unit miles per minute to miles per hour. It can be done by a simple mathematical operation i.e., multiply the 60 minute to the given speed of bird and on simplification we get the required speed of bird in the unit of miles per hour.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The miles per minute and miles per hour are the units to measure the speed.
Generally speed is defined as The rate of change of position of an object in any direction.
Speed is measured as the ratio of distance to the time in which the distance was covered. Speed is a scalar quantity as it has only direction and no magnitude.
The formula of speed is given by \[s = \dfrac{d}{t}\]
Where s is the speed, d is the distance travelled in m, miles, km etc. and t is the time taken in sec, hour, min etc.
Consider the given question: a bird flies at the speed of \[\dfrac{2}{3}\] mile per minute.
Here, first we have to convert the unit from the mile per minute to mile per hour. This can be solve by simple arithmetic operation
We have 60 min in 1 hour.
The bird flies \[\dfrac{2}{3}\] miles in 1 minute.
 So for calculating how many miles it will fly in an hour, we do the following calculation.
\[ \Rightarrow \,\,\dfrac{2}{3} \times 60\]
\[ \Rightarrow \,\,40\]
Therefore, it will fly 40 miles in an hour or 40 miles per hour.

Note: One hour is equal to 60 minutes. One minute is equal to 60 seconds. So by using the multiplication arithmetic operation, we calculate the desired result for the question. Whether the number may be in the form of fraction or a whole number, the rule is applied for the same.