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CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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CBSE English Language and Literature Question Paper for Class 10 with Solutions - Free PDF


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With these solved solutions from last year’s question papers, you may mark yourself based on performance, and get a good idea of the score you may expect from the actual examination. These solutions are available in PDF format which is as per the board paper. 

Solving these CBSE Class 10 English Communicative previous year question papers will make students analyse the pattern of questions that will be asked in the examination. This will help the students to improve in the areas where they are weak and can focus on them to strengthen the concepts. These papers will help the students to manage time in the final examination and it also makes them realise the weightage of chapters.

Previous year question papers will encourage the students to solve the questions appropriately with utmost accuracy. This will encourage them to learn the concept perfectly and attempt more questions. Through this students can build up their confidence level and motivate themselves to figure the errors and focus on them to score more marks.

For the students of Class 10, it is an important phase as the marks scored here will help them build their careers. The previous year’s question paper solutions at Vedantu are designed to help the students score high in the board exams irrespective of their thinking and logical ability. The solutions are completely based on the marks weightage and the exam pattern developed by the latest CBSE board curriculum. For this purpose, the students can rely on the solutions which are available at Vedantu.


Ideal for CBSE Class 10 English Exam Preparation

There are different types of notes available for the Class 10 CBSE board. The materials are designed by specific subject experts who have been studying and researching the same for years. The experts know how to provide the right notes in the most suitable approach to make it easier for the students. The CBSE Class 10 English First Flight notes are reliable without any doubt. However, the students must keep in mind that the solutions are of no use if they are not studied in the right way. 

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FAQs on CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Paper with Solutions

1. Why is Vedantu the best source for the students of class 10 English?

Vedantu is amongst the renowned and promising sources that provide notes directly from the subject experts to the students for better preparation. We care for the students and the coming generations for which the notes are precisely developed as a one-stop solution for the learners. The resources provided by Vedantu are free of cost and can be easily downloaded by the students at their ease. Moreover, Vedantu also provides the students with other free resources like revision notes, worksheets, practice tests, sample papers, and other required study material for the students.

2. Why are Vedantu’s notes being recommended by many students and parents?

The notes prepared by Vedantu are known for their apt illustrations. The concepts are vividly explained and adequately briefed with the help of several diagrams to make learning easier for the students. The wordings enhance the memory of the students and are introduced to a new way of learning. The students will have complete peace of mind while downloading and learning the chapters from the site. That is why Vedantu’s study materials are the most recommended by parents and children these days.

3. How helpful are the previous year’s question papers for Class 10 English for the students?

Students love to study when everything falls in one place, especially when it comes to the study materials and resources. Keeping this concept in mind, Vedantu provides the students with materials that are complete one-stop solutions for all the needs of multiple subjects and chapters. From subjects like Chemistry to Biology, Mathematics to Physics and English Language to Literature, every topic is covered on the site. The CBSE Class 10 English offered by Vedantu is indispensable for enhancing the students’ performance.

4. How many chapters are there in the CBSE English class 10?

For the students of Class 10, the CBSE has prescribed a total of 11 chapters in the English textbook. Every chapter is explained in simple and easy language that is easy to understand. The textbook is developed to help the students develop their reading and comprehension skills. The students should understand the subject thoroughly and solve each exercise question in their English textbook. It will also play a crucial role in the teaching-learning process of the student and in developing good communication skills. 

5. What are the chapters of First Flight Class 10?

As per the prescribed CBSE Class 10 syllabus the English textbook main- the First Flight chapters are listed as follows:

Chapter 1: A Letter to God

Chapter 2: Nelson Mandela-A Long Walk of Freedom

Chapter 3: Two Stories about Flying

Chapter 4: From the Diary of Anne Frank

Chapter 5: A Hundred Dresses - 1

Chapter 6: A Hundred Dresses - 2

Chapter 7: Glimpses of India

Chapter 8: Milbil the Otter

Chapter 9: Madam Rides the Bus

Chapter 10: The Sermon at Benares

Chapter 11: The Proposal