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English Language and Literature Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 - 2012

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature - 2012

Download free CBSE Class 10 English language and literature 2012 previous year question paper solved by Vedantu's expert teachers.

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Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials/notes to help students with their studies.

Solving sample papers and previous year question papers has a lot of benefits. It helps students deeply analyse the important questions, which has the highest chances of appearing in the examinations.

By practising more and more sample papers students learn time Management skills, Which is a very important skill required in class 10 Board Examinations.

Students always make the mistake of neglecting the language papers, But these language papers can become a game-changer in your Board Examination.

So students should bestow their time for solving some previous year question papers and sample papers for English Language and Literature, to secure good marks, which will help in improving their Board Results.

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Marking Scheme and Paper Pattern for Class 10 English Language and Literature 2012 Question Paper

Previous year class 10 English Language and Literature question paper is divided into 4 parts -

Section A Reading - 15 Marks

This section consists of Unseen Passages and Unseen Poems that will examine students' Reading Comprehension.

Section B Writing   -  15 Marks 

This section consists of various writing assignments such as Article Writing, Report, Letter Writing, etc.

Which will test students' Creative Writing Skills.

Section C Grammar - 15 Marks 

This section tests students' basic knowledge and understanding of grammar in the English Language.

Section D Literature / Textbook - 35 Marks

The questions provided in the Literature Section are generally based on the information provided in the NCERT English textbook. So this section requires a thorough knowledge of the NCERT textbook.

FAQs on English Language and Literature Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 - 2012

1. What was the difficulty level of English Language and Literature Class 10 ( 2012 question paper)?

The overall level of the question paper was between easy-moderate according to student feedback. The year 2012's English Language and Literature paper pattern is similar to the previous year’s question papers.

Although the paper was easy, students found the paper to be slightly longer.

Students usually get caught up in grammar mistakes in this subject.

Hence, perfect time management to solve the 2012 year English Language and Literature question paper was the basic requirement.

2. Which section of Class 10 English Literature and Language should we solve first?

Since Section B (i.e. Writing ) requires more time and attention than the other sections, hence it is advised that students should solve this section first.

  • After solving Section B students can move to Section A( i.e Reading) because reading comprehension is another time-consuming section.

  • Followed by these two sections students can solve the remaining two sections. This method can save valuable time for rechecking.

  • It is advised that students can also make their plans according to their preferences or make amendments to the existing plans.

3. What are some important study materials required for the CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Paper?

  • The NCERT textbook is highly recommended for the CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Paper. Be thorough with all the concepts of the NCERT textbook and solve all types of questions in it.

  •  Moreover, Vedantu has a set of study materials that include Sample Papers for CBSE & ICSE. These sample papers are based on the most recent CBSE question paper format. 

  • Vedantu also provides free previous year papers, so that any student in need can refer to these papers.Solving these papers will also help you in gaining a better idea of the types of questions that are asked on the CBSE examination.

4. How to utilize the reading time given during the English Class 10 Language and Literature paper?

Students get 15 minutes of reading time before the start of the actual test, if students utilize this time perfectly then it will become a boon while solving the question paper 

  • In the reading time, students can anticipate the level of the paper and the time that will be required for the various sections. Hence he/they will be able to create a mind map for the paper solving.

  • Within these 15 minutes, students should read all the questions thoroughly at least once.

  • While reading the questions students are required to think of an outline for the answers and they should also quickly understand and recall all the topics to be covered in the answer while reading the question paper.

Hence the 15 minutes reading time is very important, if it is utilized properly then it will lead to better results.