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Mice Are Nice - Poem

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Overview of Mice Are Nice Poem by Rose Fyleman

Why are mice so interesting? Mice are sociable and highly intelligent. Mice have an amazing capacity to squeeze through spaces that are considerably smaller than they are. The Mice are Nice poem that is very exquisitely written. These types of poems help us to understand the different qualities of human beings, we should learn how to tolerate them. This poem discusses the appearance of mice. The poem also discusses the annoyance that mice cause. No one enjoys mice, according to the author. Hey children, you must be eager to learn why mice are kind. In this article, we will read the poem and understand what the poet wants to say about mice in the poem. So, read the ‘Mice are nice’ poem and sing it out loud.

Mice Are Nice Poem 

The poem Mice is a popular poem specially written for children by Rose Fyleman to develop some creating art that helps children to grow and understand the things surrounding them. Let us read the mice poem in English. 

I think mice are rather nice; 

Their tails are long, their faces small; 

They haven’t any chins at all. 

Their ears are pink, their teeth are white, 

They run about the house at night; 

They nibble things they shouldn’t touch, 

and no one seems to like them much, 

but I think mice are nice! 

Mice Poem

Mice Are Nice Poem

The Literary Meaning of the Poem  

The mice are nice poem summary is explained. In this poem, the poetess includes a description of mice in a very artistic manner. She defines that they have long tails and little faces. They don’t have any chins at all. They have pink ears and white teeth. At night, They roam the house. It is notable that the poetess highlights Mice's structure body is too common but still she decides to explain it in detail, only because to creates a love of mice in the reader's mind that readers are bound to feel fondness in their triviality, especially kids who rapidly develops love for an individual and this is what poetess seems to want to do just to show the importance of petty things in our lives which we hate but in actuality are too significant that our inner voice says that they are nice which we accept.

They nibble objects that they shouldn't be touching. Although no one likes mice, the author believes that mice are nice animals.  It’s a simple poem with a lovely vibe. The poetess includes that No one likes mice because they chew on objects and they roam houses but yet they are nice. By including their appearance the poetess informs us that mice are cute, they are kind. The poem first deals with a detailed description of mice and then their habits of chewing and roaming which is quite funny but at the end the poetess raised a serious question on triviality that nobody likes mice but she says that she does upon which the readers are bound to think and analyze her question.

The Theme of the Poem



The poem is all about the virtues of mice. No one likes mice because they roam the house at night, chewing on objects. Mice are invasive rodents, pests that require traps and even exterminators, yet they are also adorable. It also gives us the moral that we shouldn’t hate any animal because they disturb us. The poem actually symbolizes the triviality of things that we should not hate or be ill-mannered to things which are trivial and petty because everything has its own importance. Mice do these petty things because they are made by nature just like that. They can’t help themselves, so we have no right to hate them.


So after reading this mice poem in English, we reach the conclusion that mice are nice, we got our answer to why mice are nice. They are cute, They are intelligent. They disturb us, nibble on things and loiter around our house at night but we shouldn’t hate them because everyone is designed by god with its uniqueness. We don't hate our babies because they are cute, they are innocent like mice even our babies disturb us a lot. So we should also think differently about animals and other human beings. They are someone's babies as well. It's a simple and wonderful poem which everyone should read.

So, we read mice poem with pictures in the article and also understood the theme of the poem. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poetry, in case of any other doubts, feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on Mice Are Nice - Poem

1. Do you believe that mice can sing?

Yes, mice are one of the four creatures that can sing. Mice do sing, particularly when they're trying to find a partner.

2. Which word rhymes with touch?

The word 'much' rhymes with 'touch'.

3. Who likes mice in the poem?

The poetess – Rose Fylemen likes mice in the poem.