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Hop a Little Poem: A Popular Nursery Rhyme with Actions

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Learn and Recite the All-time Favourite Hop a Little Poem

Have you ever felt less energy, laziness or weakness in your body? It's all because your body wants some movement. So, what can you do? Umm. Well, in this case, the "hop a little poem" is the best for you. Hope a little poem lyrics are written in such a way that the readers will feel happy. The poem also highlights the importance of exercising in a simpler way so that kids understand the terms and can memorise them easily.

In every line of this poem, when it says hop a little jump, a little poem, it will make you feel excited. So let's get started!


A Girl is Exercising


A Girl is Exercising


Hop a Little Poem with Pictures


kids' Workout


kids' Workout 


Here is the Hop a Little Jump a Little poem lyrics:


Hop a little, jump a little,

One, two, three;

Run a little, skip a little,

Tap one knee;

Bend a little, stretch a little,

Nod your head;

Yawn a little, sleep a little,

In your bed.


Hop a Little Poem Summary

The Hop a Little poem is a short and enjoyable poem. It encourages kids to stay active and healthy. From every line of this poem, they can learn the simple things they can do to improve their health, like the basic exercises of jumping, running, stretching, etc.


Through this poem, the kids can understand that regular exercise has lots of health benefits, such as improving fitness. The poem instructs kids to do a little bit of certain exercises such as running, bending, stretching, nodding, skipping, etc to ensure that they don’t get too tired but also strengthen their muscles. The poem also encourages its readers to sleep well to ensure they rest sufficiently.


Maintaining Good Health


Maintaining Good Health 


Hop a Little Poem Theme

The theme of the poem is staying healthy. Through this, the poet tells the children to stay healthy by jumping, running, bending, stretching, and doing all the things which keep their bodies in movement. The poet also tells the children to rest properly so that their body gets ample rest and they can feel more energetic and refreshed after it.


Through every line of this poem, the poet gives the message of working out and keeping your body and mind active so that you can stay healthy. This would ensure a disease-free and happy life.


Need for Exercise


Need for Exercise



Through this poem, we learnt how important it is for our body to always stay active and get sufficient rest. Regular workout, stretching, running, and walking makes our body healthy and stress-free. Due to our modern lifestyles and day-to-day increasing reliance on technology, we focus less on health and thereby suffer from several diseases. This poem encourages us to build the good habit of exercising and ensuring healthy lifestyle habits. We hope you enjoyed reading Hop a Little poem lyrics.

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FAQs on Hop a Little Poem: A Popular Nursery Rhyme with Actions

1. Why is health important in our life?

Having good health is directly related to living a productive life, as we know that the functionality of our body is interconnected between the various organs. Hence, keeping the organs healthy is essential for the proper functioning of the body. 

2. How does the poem teach us to stay healthy?

The poet asks us to perform various physical activities like hoping, jumping, skipping, stretching, etc. to stay healthy.

3. How does the poet encourage us to rest sufficiently?

At the end of the poem, the poet asks us to yawn a little and sleep a little, thereby instructing us to ensure that we get sufficient rest by sleeping well.