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True Friends Poem

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Overview of True Friends Poem

Walter Winchell once said, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”. Friendship is a treasure that you want to preserve at every moment. It is something which is very unique and should be cherished at every cost. It is a connection which is based on trust, respect and love. Friends are very special in life, they make you a better person. Friends are someone who you can trust. You should celebrate this bond with poems. Poems are to convey your feelings to your loved ones. In this article, we will look at some poems on friendship and cherishing this bond.

True Friends Poem with Pictures

True Friends Poem with Pictures

Poems About Friendship

It takes a lot of effort to write a poem but there have been many writers who wrote poems on friendship. There are many beautiful poems based on friendship. Let’s read a true friend's poem with rhyming words.

A Short Poem on Friends

Short poems take fewer words but more emotions. Here is an example:

You enhance my happiness;

Whenever I feel glad. 

You always heal my injured heart;

When I feel a little sad. 

You are nothing but pleasure in my life;

I hope that you can see. 

How important you are to me;

You are a total joy to me. 

About the Poem

This is a true friend's poem with rhyming words. This poem is about a person telling his friend how important he is to him. This poem expresses the emotions of friendship in a very beautiful manner.

A Long Poem of Friendship

The feeling of friendship from the start

Is that special feeling in your heart

A feeling from deep down inside

A feeling that no one should hide

A friend is there through good and bad

They make you happy when you’re sad

they brighten up your darkest day

Just by the simple thing’s they say

Now friendship can’t be bought or sold

It may get tarnished and may get old

You can overcome your greatest fear

Just look around, and it is there

Now friendship’s one and only cost

Is to make sure that it’s never lost

About the Poem

This poem is written by William S. Tsoukalas. In the poem, Tsoukalas talks about how precious a bond of friendship is. He says that friendship can't be bought or sold, one finds it in the most unexpected ways.

A Funny Poem on Friendship

Kids Reading Friendship Poems

Kids Reading Friendship Poems

We both share an equation so stupid,

Where both of us fight like Tom and Jerry. 

But, when I feel that you will always be in my life,

It feels like the icing and the cherry,

Our bodies are so beautiful, special and true,

And this bond will always remain new,

Yes, our friendship rocks!

About the Poem

This true friend's poem in english tells about the funny and cute fights in friendship. Friendship is both a beautiful and funny bond where we fight a lot but at the same time, we love each other a lot.


The bond between friends is very beautiful. You will always feel happy when you are with your friends. Friends make us smile, they make us forget our sadness. They even help us when our parents are angry with us. True friends are those who will show you the right path, and help you in your tough times. True friendship is very rare but it's very beautiful and special. If you have a true friend in your life, you are very lucky. Never let him/her go away from your life.

In this article, we read true friends poems and true friends poems with pictures. We read how beautiful the bond of friendship is and how people cherish this bond with poems. We hope you enjoyed reading these lovely true friendship poems.

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FAQs on True Friends Poem

1. What are some rhyming words used in the poems discussed above? 

Some rhyming words used in the poems discussed in this article are:

Glad - sad

See - me

Start - heart

2. What does the poem mean by “friendship can’t be bought or sold”? 

The poet says that unlike commodities that can be bought and sold for money, friendship is priceless. It is a beautiful bond shared by two friends who care for each other, help each other and make them happy. 

3. In the third poem, two friends are compared to Tom and jerry. Why? 

Tom and Jerry are the names of the characters in a cartoon show. These two used to fight a lot but helped each other like true friends. Hence, the poet says that although he and his friends fight a lot, they are always there for each other.