Home Tuition in Singapore

Personalized Live Online Home Tuition in Singapore

One of the most developed cities in South East Asia, Singapore, a major business hub has a well-developed and matured education system. Singapore has a literacy rate of more than 96%, meaning that the schools are always running at optimum capacity. High literacy rates also mean high competition. While the schools in Singapore boast of having some of the best tutors, school tuition alone might not be sufficient for your child to grasp everything is such a competitive and fast-paced environment. Also, staying ahead of the competition is going to require extra effort. This is where home tuitions in Singapore offered by Vedantu come into the picture.


Following are the reasons why Vedantu is the perfect choice for parents looking for a home tutor in Singapore:

  • Finding good tuitions in Singapore can be very difficult. Also, the home tuition fees in Singapore is very high. Vedantu offers home teaching through the online platform at affordable fees.

  • With Vedantu, students can access recorded sessions from anywhere. They will never have to miss a class again and lag behind.

  • Vedantu’s teaching pattern is in accordance with the class syllabus which ensures full coverage of all the topics.

  • Students are free to decide their timings with the tutor. This gives them flexibility and does not cramp them for time.

  • Individual attention to the student will ensure the best performance.