Physics Tuition Teacher for Class 12

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Class 12 Private Physics teachers Online

Physics is one of the core subjects for students taking their class 12 exams in the science stream. Physics tuition for class 12 is one way of ensuring that the marks obtained in the subject are considered for the science cutoff that many colleges ask for. In India, Physics comes under the PCMC or PCMB subjects which include Chemistry/Math/ Computer Science or Biology/Chemistry/Math along with the subject. For students who want to do well in their board exams, Physics tuition for class 12 is the perfect aid. Here is why Vedantu is a smart choice for students looking for Physics tuition in class 12.


  • Our faculty included experienced educators from some of the premier institutions in the country.

  • Vedantu’s learning platform is accessible from multiple devices and locations.

  • We offer on-demand tuitions to students looking for guidance in specific areas.

  • Students have access to customised study plans designed per their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Our one-on-one study model ensures that students are equipped to learn at their own pace.

  • Students can study in a secure environment and the time lost in travel is eliminated as classes are conducted online.

  • Each class is recorded so that students may refer to it later if required.


Physics can be a challenging subject in the 12th grade owing to the many concepts that are covered, and a large number of formulae that need to be learnt. Our Physics tutor for class 12 will be able to help students understand these concepts better, grasping tough postulates and learning the tricks and tips needed to understand the subject better.