Biology Tuition Teacher for Class 11

Class 11 Private Biology teachers Online

Biology is a subject that deals with the living organisms in the world around us. Biology tuitions for class 11 follow the NCERT syllabus and cover a vast syllabus in the 11th standard. Students often require a lot of assistance to get their basics right. Biology tuitions for class 11 are a great way to get students to be more interested in the subject.


We at Vedantu provide students with the right materials and opportunities with which they can excel in any subject. Biology is broken into Botany and Zoology where the former deals with flora and the latter, fauna. By tapping into our biology tutor for class 11, students will begin enjoying their subject and not view it as a burden. Here are some advantages of choosing Vedantu:


  • Our sessions are conducted online so that students save the time and effort they would have spent travelling.

  • The best teachers from premier institutions in the country make up our faculty.

  • Convenient and easy to use, our learning platform can be accessed from many devices.

  • Our tuition fees are lower than those of conventional tutors.

  • We create personalised study plans depending on the syllabus and on the student’s learning needs.


Our class 11 Biology tuition online will help students come to grips with the subject and lay the foundation for their boards the next year. Further, they can also learn the core concepts better, and build on them which will enable them to build on if they pursue medicine in their undergraduate and further.