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Kuwait is one of the most developed countries in the Arab world. Being well developed has been a boon for Kuwait’s education system. Over the years, the Government of Kuwait has invested in streamlining its educational system and achieve a literacy rate of over 95%. As per law, all Kuwaiti children need to attend primary and intermediate schools mandatorily. Most of these schools are public schools and function as per the academic requirements of Kuwait and impart education in local language. Other schools that are meant for non-Arab and expatriate students offer syllabus of different countries. Having such a streamlined education system means high competition amongst students. This leads to the need for learning even beyond school hours by hiring local tutors or sending the child to private tuitions in Kuwait city. Finding teachers for home tuition in Kuwait can be difficult and expensive, especially when studying under foreign boards. This is where Vedantu comes to the rescue.

  • We use cutting-edge technology to bring the best education to your home through our online learning platform, so that. your child can study without stepping out.

  • We have some of the best tutors on board who have a strong grip on the subjects they teach.

  • Our online platform is a perfect substitute for home teaching as it has the same benefits of home tuition.

  • Home tuition fees in Kuwait can be very expensive. Vedantu provides affordable education.

  • Students are free to access a pool of resources such as recorded classes, revision notes and previous year question papers from our website.