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Child Rights Body Requests To Change JEE Main 2023 Dates & Remove 75% Eligibility Criteria

December 23, 2022
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Along with students, Child Rights Body has also requested the National Testing Agency (NTA) to change the dates of the first session of JEE Main 2023 and remove the 75% eligibility criteria. The first session of JEE Main 2023 is scheduled between January 24 and January 31, which coincides with practical exams of many boards and CBSE pre-board exams. 

JEE Main 2023: Child Rights Body Requests NTA To Change Exam Dates and Remove 75% Eligibility Requirements

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In addition, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has also urged NTA to revise the schedule of the first session of JEE Main 2023. NCPCR highlighted one of the complaints that state NTA released the dates of the first session a month before, which was not the case earlier. In 2020, NTA announced the dates of session 1 four months prior to the exam. 

The NCPCR went on to state that the notice period of one month is insufficient and that the eligibility standards of 75% are "unfair and unreasonable" for applicants who took a year off. The first JEE Main session will take place between January 24 and January 31, while the second will take place between April 6 and April 12. The JEE Main 2023 January session exam registration process has been begun by NTA. The JEE Main session 1 registration link will be available until January 12, 2023.

Are you preparing for IIT? Not scoring high in your mid-tests? Ranking between the middle of the class or at the lower end? If yes, you must go through this blog before continuing your IIT preparations.

Once you start your journey of IIT JEE preparations, you will encounter various questions in your mind, and the most common question that several students ask is, “Can a weak student crack IIT?” Well, they can & you aren’t the only student thinking. IIT JEE is the toughest & challenging competition exam in India. 

Preparation Where Hardwork Beats Talent

Thousands of students appear for the exam every year, but only a few qualify. This led many candidates to perceive that only brilliant & sharp-minded students can crack IIT JEE, but it is not true. Even though the IIT JEE is a tough examination in India, it is tough because of the competitive nature of the exam. However, a student who is dedicated and hardworking enough to learn, practice and be a step ahead of their peers can ace the exam.

Every individual has different capabilities & calibre; it is not about talent & intelligence but rather an ability to persevere and grit when things get difficult in the preparation journey. Keep these things in mind before considering yourself a weaker or below-average student. Your mental strength is what determines whether you can accomplish your goals or not. Here are some tricks to guide you on how can an average student crack IIT. Take a look:

How Can An Average Student Crack IIT?

Well, there is no doubt that the IIT JEE competitive exam is a tough nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean it is only meant for skilled or talented students. With the right preparation strategy, frequent study routine, effective time management & a positive mindset, even a weak or average student can crack IIT.

Here are the steps to crack IIT. The first step is to remove “Weak/below average” words from your dictionary as it limits your potential & capability to prepare for the exam well. If you feel confident about the IIT Syllabus and prepare yourself mentally, you can shine in the exam.

1. No More Procrastination!!

If you have ever seen an intelligent or talented student preparing for an exam, one thing that we find in common is that they never get diverted or distracted from what they’ve planned. Whether it is school work, tuition work, college assignments or practice tests, doubt-clearing sessions or regular revisions, they never fall out of their craving to be the best. Consistent is the key to clearing the IIT JEE or any other competitive exam with good marks. They always stick to their study routine and don’t leave things for later.

2. Learn Effective Time Management

If you ask can an average student crack IIT, then yes, provided you make a realistic timetable. It helps candidates track their syllabus and the important chapters they must cover within a stipulated time. Starting from the first day, an IIT JEE aspirant must set his/her effective timetable and follow it dedicatedly. List out all the subjects, & chapters with higher weightage and allocate sufficient time according to your preparation level. But do not make a rigid timetable that you cannot follow. 

3. Practice Mock Tests 

There is no denying that giving mock tests help candidates appearing for competitive exams to know the pattern of the exam & types of questions being asked. IIT Mock Tests are a great way to assess our preparation level and speed up our approach towards attempting the questions. The candidates giving mock tests can improve their time-management skills necessary to crack IIT JEE or other similar competitive exams.

4. Confidence is sn Important Key

Success in IIT JEE depends on your current preparation, strategy & understanding level. If you have completed your syllabus on time or practised revision, it will increase your confidence, and you can perform well in the exam. You need to understand that there is no such thing as “Can an average student crack IIT without coaching? It is just about your determination, study strategy & firmness of mind to understand things. When things aren’t going your way, it is normal to have cold feet but finding a way holds more importance.

5. Get Your Hands On the Basics First

If you aren’t following this trip, no matter how many hours you are devoting to your IIT preparations, you aren’t going to make it. You need to remember that cramming is not the way to crack IIT. Only concept-based learning will help you solve all the complicated exam questions based on fundamental concepts. Clear your concepts and solve mock tests or previous year’s questions to access your knowledge. Once you grasp the basic concepts well, you can answer questions. Reading NCERT Books is a great idea to strengthen your concepts. However, avoid reading too many reference books. It will help you nothing but you may end up confused.

6. Understand The Exam Pattern Well

Many students ask, can an average student crack IIT in one year? The foremost step is to understand the concerned exam pattern thoroughly. Remember, do smart work, not hard work. Knowing what is covered in your syllabus & what is remaining for you to study will save time & energy as well as help you complete your study within a specified time frame. First, find the topics which carry more weightage in the IIT JEE exam and set a timetable accordingly. Try to complete the syllabus within a month before the exam, so you get enough time to revise & clear doubts.

7. Don’t Ignore Revision

Make a habit of getting things note-down while studying. It will help you grasp the concept effectively & remember it for a long period. Many students show their laziness in making notes but let us tell you that it can be an effective source of revisions & saving time before the exam date. 


Now you know how can a weak student crack IIT. It is not about one’s level of intelligence but the preparation and ability to grasp things effectively. So, stop underestimating yourself and prepare to achieve your goals. Your quality of efforts signifies your success, not anything else. 

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