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NEET 2023 Rules and Regulations

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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NEET 2023 New Rules and Regulations: NTA Guidelines, Dress Code & Covid-19

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be conducted on May 7, 2023. NTA has released the latest information for the NEET 2023 exam on its official website- Candidates are supposed to abide by all instructions as per the information bulletin available on NTA’s official website. The NTA has released new rules and regulations for NEET 2023 with respect to dress code, barred items, and the instructions to be followed as per COVID-19 guidelines in the NEET 2023 examination centres.

NEET 2023 New NTA Rules: COVID-19 Guidelines for Exam centres

NTA has released a few guidelines which shall be taken as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. Candidates are advised to follow these rules with utmost sincerity and abide by the instructions.

  • Candidates are requested to wear Face Masks and gloves while entering the examination centre and wear the same throughout the duration of the exam.

  • To avoid overcrowding, entry timings in the examination hall will be mentioned on the Candidate’s admit card and also on their registered mobile numbers.

  • Candidates are allowed to carry a transparent bottle of hand sanitiser up to 50 ml.

  • A transparent water bottle is allowed.

  • Extra Face masks will be available in the examination centre. However, it is suggested to carry 3 face masks for the Candidate’s safety.

NEET 2023 New Rules and Regulations: Barred Items List in Examination Centre

There are certain items that are strictly barred from the examination centre and candidates must not carry them for the NEET 2023 exam. The NTA has listed out these items, possession of the same will be seen as the adoption of unfair means and malpractice. Candidates can refer to the table below for the barred items list.

Barred Items


Stationery Items

Printed or hand-written text materials, paper bits, geometry box, pencil box, calculators, plastic or cloth pouches, scales, pen, pen drives, writing pads, log tables, electronic pen, etc.

Communication Devices

Mobile phones, microphones, Bluetooth earphones/ earphones, health bands, etc.


Metallic items like bracelets, earrings, etc.

Other Items

Wrist Watches, wallets, cameras, belts, goggles, caps, handbags, etc.

Food Items

No edible items (opened or sealed), water bottles, etc.

Any other items that can facilitate malpractices or any other unfair means will be treated as banned at the NEET 2023 examination centres.


NEET 2023 Rules for essential items for examination centre

  • Candidates must carry the following items with them to the exam centre.

  • Originals of valid Identification Proof, PwD certificate (if any)

  • A passport-size colour photograph

  • NEET 2023 Admit Card with a passport-size colour photograph affixed on it.

  • A postcard-size colour photograph (4” x 6”) clicked with white background has to be affixed on the Proforma downloaded along with the NEET Admit Card. This proforma has to be given to the invigilator at the exam centre.


NEET 2023 Other Rules and Regulations 

Candidates must note that there will be no arrangements at the NEET exam centres for storing or keeping any extra or barred items carried by them. Those candidates who are likely to carry or wear customary or religious items (for any faith) must arrive at the exam centre a minimum of 2 hours before the latest reporting time. It will facilitate proper frisking without causing any difficulty or rush before the examination. In the case, any candidate is found to carry a suspected device in the customary or religious items, he or she will have to leave the items outside the examination centre.


NEET 2023 NTA’s New Rules for Dress Code 

Besides providing the dress code for NEET 2023 candidates, NTA will also ensure that all the officials and staff at the examination centres are properly instructed for fair frisking of candidates before the exam. Only female staff will carry out the frisking of female candidates within an enclosure. The following points have to be remembered while dressing up for the NEET 2023 examination day.


NEET 2023 Male candidate's Dress Code

Rules for Male candidate's dress code have been released by NTA(UG) 2023. Kindly check and follow the instructions given below:

  • Half sleeves light coloured shirt and T-shirts are permitted.

  • Long sleeves Shirts and T-shirts are strictly prohibited.

  • Dark coloured shirts and T-shirts are not allowed.

  • Shirt/T-shirt/Trouser should be without any Big buttons, embroidery, and zip pockets.

  • It is suggested to avoid wearing jeans to the examination centre.

  • Trousers/Pants should be light coloured.

  • Sleepers and sandals(low heels) are allowed.

  • Shoes are not allowed to be worn.

  • Kurta Pajama is not allowed.


NEET 2023 Female candidate Dress Code

Rules for Female candidate's dress codes have been released by NTA(UG) 2023. Kindly check and follow the instructions given below:

  • Light coloured clothes without big buttons, embroidery, zips, badge/brooch are allowed.

  • Half sleeves no full sleeves clothes are allowed.

  • Salwar/trousers should be of light colour.

  • Sleepers and Sandals with low heels are allowed.

  • Shoes are strictly prohibited.

Important Notes:

  • Candidates who will require a deviation from the instructed dress code due to medical or any other unavoidable conditions must take a particular approval from the NTA before the issuance of NEET 2023 Admit Cards

  • Candidates who will wear or carry their customary religious clothes must arrive at the respective exam centre at least an hour or two before the latest reporting time, 12:30 PM, to ensure proper frisking. 


NEET 2023 NTA’s Exam Day Guidelines

Some important information that the NEET 2023 candidates as well as their parents or guardians should be aware of is given below.

  • No candidate will be permitted to enter the exam centre after 1:30 PM. Hence, it is suggested that candidates should leave for the exam centre keeping ample time in hand for traffic, weather conditions, etc.

  • All candidates must follow every instruction and maintain discipline in the exam hall. No candidate should break any rule during the NEET exam 2023.

  • Candidates must not indulge in any sort of malpractice or unfair activities during the exam. They must report the invigilators if they find any of their fellow candidates indulging in unfair activities or malpractices during the exam.

  • No candidates should carry any item that is barred at the exam centre.

  • Candidates must follow the prescribed dress code for NEET 2023. 

  • They must be available and cooperative with the exam centre staff and other officials for physical frisking. 

  • If any of the above-mentioned NEET 2023 rules and regulations are not complied with, candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall. Therefore, breach of any of the above-given rules and regulations will lead to disqualification of the candidates.

  • If any candidate is found to indulge in any form of malpractice or unfair means during the exam, he or she will not be allowed to take the exam. Also, the candidate will be liable for actions (criminal or any other) deemed suitable by the National Testing Agency.


NEET 2023 Rules and Regulations: Breach or Unfair Means Practices 

As per the latest information bulletin from NTA, unfair means practice refers to any activity due to which a candidate can gain an unfair advantage over the other candidates. The unfair means practices or malpractices include but are not limited to the following.

  • Carrying any item that is prohibited or barred at the NEET exam centres.

  • Impersonation or using someone else to appear in the examination as the candidate himself/herself.

  • Forcefully entering or exiting the examination hall.

  • Affixing or uploading improper, wrong, or morphed photographs on the Admit Card, application form, or the proforma.

  • Preparing any text material for copying.

  • Manipulation and fabrication of Admit Card, self-declaration, rank letter, or any other online documents.

  • Breaking any of the NEET rules and regulations as declared by NTA.

  • Helping (directly or indirectly) other candidates in indulging in malpractices during the examination.

  • Writing down any questions or/and answers or rough work on any other paper or material apart from the answer sheet provided at the centre for writing answers.

  • Tearing any part of the test booklet or the answer sheet.

  • Erasing or destroying any part of the information on the OMR sheets.

  • Talking to or attempting to contact any other candidate during the examination.

  • Taking the answer sheet outside the examination centre.

  • Smuggling out of answer sheet or question paper, or their parts.

  • Threatening the officials connected to the NEET exam or any other candidate. 

  • Using or attempting to use any electronic device after entering the examination hall or centre.

  • Providing incorrect information on the NEET OMR sheet.

  • Overwriting any information, like roll number, name, signature, test booklet number, mother’s or father’s name on the OMR sheet.  

  • Hindering the fair and smooth conduction of the NEET 2023 examination.

  • Making inappropriate claims by manipulating the responses on the OMR sheets, by tampering with it by any means, uploaded on the website for the challenge before and/or after the NEET results in 2023.


NEET 2023: Latest Update

  • NEET application form 2023 will be available from Apr 6 to May 6, 2023. 

  • The last date for payment of application fees is May 7, 2023. 

  • NEET 2023 Exam Date is announced by NTA, it is to be held on Jul 17, 2023.

  • Candidates will be able to apply for NEET 2023 only in an online mode. Application forms for the exam are available on the official website of NTA.

  • All latest updates about the NEET 2023 exam will be communicated on their registered email addresses and mobile numbers through e-mail or SMS. Therefore, candidates must provide their own or their parents’ valid mobile numbers and email addresses to receive all the notifications timely.  

  • Candidates are allowed to submit one application form only.

  • All candidates are advised to download and carefully go through the NEET information bulletin and application form before the exam.

List of other important information on NEET 2023

FAQs on NEET 2023 Rules and Regulations

1. In the NEET 2023 form can the category be corrected?

If there is a mistake from our side in filling the form we can correct it now and not later. The candidates who have registered for NTA NEET UG 2023 and paid their fees can do the corrections in both cases no matter whether the NTA has sent us a mistake in form or not.

3. Can an 11th Grader Attempt NEET 2023?

At this age, one cannot do the course. The minimum age to attempt the exam is 17 years and the maximum age for attempting is 30 years for PWD and reserved category.

3. Can I wear customary religious clothes for NEET 2023?

Yes, you can wear customary religious clothes for NEET 2023 but you will have to reach the exam centre at least 2 hours prior to the exam and cooperate with the officials for physical frisking. If any suspected device is found hidden within the customary clothes or items of faith carried by you, you will have to leave them outside the examination hall.

4. Can I correct the category in the NEET 2023 application form?

Yes, the correction window will be activated shortly after the last date of application. You can edit your category NEET application form once the correction window is activated.

5. Are calculators allowed for NEET 2023?

No calculators are not allowed for NEET 2023. Among the other stationery items that are not allowed in the examination hall are log tables, pens, pencil boxes, geometry boxes, etc.

6. What are the NTA(UG) new rules for NEET 2023?

NTA has released the important guidelines with regard to NEET 2023. These guidelines mainly focus on the Dress Codes for Male and Female Candidates along with recent COVID-19 Guidelines. Also, items are allowed and barred in the examination centres. To know more about the NEET 2023 New Rules and Regulations, access the official website of NEET.

7. Have NTA(UG) released any new guidelines for NEET 2023?

For NEET 2023, NTA has released several guidelines. Candidates are advised to follow them with utmost care and sincerity.

8. Will there be 2 attempts in NEET 2022?

NEET 2022 will happen on 17 July 2022. Hence, the NEET 2022 will be conducted only once this year.

9. In NEET 2023 will Physics be removed?

It is highly unlikely that the entire Physics syllabus will be removed from NEET 2023. Candidates are advised to prepare the important topics of Physics from NEET 2023 perspective.