NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 8 Seeta Kee Khoj


Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha NCERT Solutions for Chapter 8 Seeta Kee Khoj

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NCERT Solutions for CBSE class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 8 cover the chapter summary, important notes as well as questions and answers that make learning this chapter easier. By referring to the NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 8 Seeta kee Khoj, students can now expedite their learning and revision for exam preparations. These solutions have been developed and revised thoroughly by subject experts of Hindi which makes them trustworthy and credible. The NCERT Solutions are available in PDF format. These PDF files are easy to read and free to download.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant Chapter 8 Seeta Kee Khoj PDF will be updated soon on this page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. In Chapter 8 Seeta kee Khoj from Bal Ram Katha, Vishwamitra Says: “The Flora and Fauna is the Pride of this Jungle”. Why do you Think he Said that?

Ans: The chapter Bal Ram Katha mentions Vishwamitra who played a huge impact on the lives of Ram and Lakshman. He talks about the flora and fauna of that jungle and considers them as the utmost pride of the forest. He mentions that one cannot even imagine a forest or jungle without it. The importance of flora and fauna in maintaining a balance in nature is also specified by him. Vishwamitra also reiterates that life cannot exist in the absence of plants and animals. He then lastly concluded that one doesn't need to fear the jungle and its inhabitants as humans exist because flora and fauna exist.

Q2. Why do you Think Ram and Lakshman Happily Agreed to Raja Dushrath’s Decision?

Ans: Ram and Lakshman are two of the four sons of Raja Dushrath. They greatly respected their father and tried their best to never disappoint him. That is why they are considered as brave and dignified sons of their father. All their childhood and even adulthood they ensured that they could keep their father’s promise and not let him down. Moreover, they were also well aware of the rules and regulations of their kingdom and strictly abide by those. Keeping all these values in mind, Ram and Lakshman happily agreed to the final decisions made by their father Raja Dushrath and followed all the rules and regulations of their kingdom without any arguments or discourse.