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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 1 - Aavadhapuree Me Raam

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha NCERT Solutions for Chapter 1 Aavadhapuree Me Raam

When it comes to scoring good marks in a language subject, then one can rest assured that this aim is not going to be easy to achieve. However, there is absolutely nothing that a student cannot do if he or she is ready to work hard.


NCERT Solutions For Class 6


Class 6 Hindi - Bal Ram Katha

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Chapter 1 - Aavadhapuree Me Raam

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

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Chapter Wise

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All of this stands true even in the case of Class 6th students who want to score well in their Hindi exams. Ideally, we always recommend students to read the chapters and answer questions that are mentioned in the books.

In the case of Grammar, students should understand the basic concept. And after that, one can move on to solving questions. Sadly, this raises another question as to how the student will even check if he or she has gotten the correct answer?

This is where our help at Vedantu comes in. We provide students with Hindi Bal Ram Katha solutions. You will also be able to download the PDF file for NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi from our website at absolutely free of cost. Subjects like Science, Maths, English, Hindi will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 6 Science, Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations. Students can download these answers by installing the Vedantu app on their devices or by visiting Vedantu’s official website.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant Chapter 1 Aavadhapuree Me Raam PDF will be updated soon on this page.

Download NCERT Solution for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 Free PDF

We at Vedantu understand that being a student is difficult. There are many things that students have to work on. And this is why our only wish is to help students get the best possible marks.

To bring this vision to reality, we provide students with a pdf of solved questions. Students can use these documents to either find out the answers to questions that they find difficult or to even cross-check the answers that students have already written.

The Hindi  Bal Ram Katha solutions pdf can also be used by students to understand the manner in which they need to answer questions. Learning the correct format will help students in avoiding unnecessary mistakes. Download NCERT Solution for Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 at the click of a mouse button on the pdf link given here.

NCERT Solution for Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 - Free PDF Download

If you are a student, then you must already be familiar with the fact that there are many things you need to tackle every single day. For example, a student has to complete his or her homework, participate in extracurricular activities, go to extra classes, and whatnot.

Because of all this, students never have enough time to spend hours solving Hindi bal ram katha Bal Ram Katha questions. This could have a harmful effect on the final marks of the student. This is not a desirable situation and should be avoided at all costs. With the help of our experts at Vedantu, students can easily do so. We at Vedantu provide students with solved questions pdf documents. Students can download these documents and know about the correct answer to questions within a matter of seconds.

Students can download these documents without having to pay anything. If you wish to get your hands on these documents, then all you have to do is install the Vedantu app. Search for the chapter that you wish to see the answers to and download the file from the link that pops up.

A Few Glimpses of Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1

For Class 6 students, the entire Hindi book titled ‘Bal Ram Katha’ introduces students to a number of different stories throughout the course. These stories help students to not just build a moral base and understanding of the Indian culture, but these stories also allow students to understand more about the Hindi language.

Marks Weightage of Class 6 Chapter 1 Bal Ram Katha

There are many students who ask about the marks weightage of Class 6th Chapter 1 of  Bal Ram Katha. This is a good question as it can help students be better prepared for their final exams. Usually, students can be asked 1, 3, or even 5 marks questions from this chapter. This is why it is recommended that students should not skip this chapter.

Benefits of Bal Ram Katha Class 6 Solutions Chapter 1

If a student has downloaded the solutions of Chapter 1 of the Bal Ram Katha Hindi book of Class 6th, then he or she must have experienced many benefits. In this section, we will list what exactly some of those benefits are. And that list is mentioned below.

  • The solutions pdf can be downloaded for free by students.

  • Students can also take live classes from Vedantu to clear their doubts and gain a better understanding of the subject.

  • Every solution comes with an explanation. This explanation helps the student in understanding the process of how one can arrive at the same solution.

  • Students can also post their queries on the Vedantu platform. One of our in-house teachers will answer those queries as soon as possible.

  • The size of the pdf file is small. Hence, it can be downloaded by any student irrespective of his or her internet speed.

Do you also wish to avail of these benefits? If yes, then install the Vedantu app today!

How Would Vedantu Study Material Help in Scoring Better Marks?

As a student, one is responsible for having a successful career and developing holistically. These are pretty big aims and aspirations. This is why students must take any help that comes their way.

We at Vedantu firmly believe that we can help students get the best possible marks. This is why we provide everything from live classes and 24x7 query resolution support to free ncert solution download.

These services can be availed by any student who downloads the Vedantu app. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Vedantu app today and see a big change in your marks and academic life!

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 1 - Aavadhapuree Me Raam

Q1. I Have Lost my Hindi Bal Ram Katha Book. How Can I Find the Questions Now?

Ans: The pdf file that contains the answers also has the questions. So, if you download the pdf file, then you won’t have to refer to your Hindi NCERT book.

Q2. I Have a Slow and Unreliable Internet Connection. Can I Still Download the File?

Ans: The size of the file is small. So, this means that every student can download the answers irrespective of the speed and connective reliability of their internet connections.

Q3. I Have a Problem with Hindi Grammar. Can Vedantu Help?

Ans: Yes, we at Vedantu can help students in all areas of their academics. Students can take live classes to brush up their Hindi language writing or speaking skills. We also provide live classes for other subjects, chapters, and topics.

Q4. I Have a Busy Schedule During the Day. Is it Okay if I Take Live Classes During the Evening?

Ans: One of the best parts of taking online live classes is that students can study whenever they are free. So, it completely depends on the student when he or she would want to learn and take the live classes.

Q5. Provide a brief description about Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam’?

Ans: This chapter introduces us to the great tale of the Ramayana. It begins with an account of the city of Ayodhya under the rule of King Dashrath, who had three queens but, unfortunately, had no sons. A Yagya was conducted, after which four princes were born. They are Rama, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. They grew up to be noble and skilled in multiple domains. The chapter ends with Guru Vashishtha arriving in Ayodhya and leaving Ayodhya with Rama and Laxman to protect his Yagya from demons. 

Q6. Which questions are important in Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam?’

Ans: The most important questions from this chapter are about the description of the city of Ayodhya, how the Yagya helped Dashrath have four princes, and more. Read the chapter carefully because questions can be framed from any line of the chapter. A basic understanding of this chapter will help you answer most questions from this chapter in the exam. For extensive learning, refer to Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for this chapter by clicking on Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam. The solutions provided by Vedantu are free of cost. They are also available on the Vedantu Mobile app.

Q7. Can you please provide a detailed Stepwise Study Plan to ace Class 6 NCERT Hindi, Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam?’

Ans: The first step is to read the chapter carefully. No paragraph from this chapter should be skipped while reading because questions can be framed from any part of the chapter. The next step is to understand the meaning of difficult words used in the text. Then, solve the questions given at the end of the chapter. Refer to Vedantu's best quality NCERT Solutions and study material for this chapter, NCERT Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam’. The above steps will help you to ace the exam by covering all the topics with optimum understanding. 

Q8. What lessons did you learn from the chapter ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam?’

Ans: This chapter teaches us several lessons. One of the most important lessons is to stay true to our words and promises. Dashrath made a promise to Guru Vashishtha and kept his promise by sending Rama and Laxman with him, even though he didn't want to send them away. It teaches us that as far as possible, we must always prioritise honesty in our lives and take responsibility for our promises made in the past. 

Q9. What is the best Solution book for Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 1 ‘Avadh Puree Me Raam?’

Ans: Vedantu's online NCERT Solutions is the best, most helpful and result-oriented study material. It fulfils all the requirements of the CBSE Hindi students. It is prepared after extensive analysis by an expert team of teachers. It is the most credible and authentic source from an examination point of view because it is based on the latest CBSE syllabus. So, look no further, and make your preparation for the Hindi exam easier with Vedantu’s study materials. The solutions provided by Vedantu are free of cost. They are also available on the Vedantu Mobile app.