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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for English Chapter Number 4.1: The World is Mine

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solutions of The World is Mine Class 10, Chapter Number 4.1

In the Maharashtra Board Class 10 syllabus, the chapter The World is Mine holds a very important place. This chapter discusses some important theories and concepts used behind the The World is Mine. In this chapter, students will learn about The World is Mine.

The chapter requires a lot of practice, and to understand the chapter properly, students will have to practice from the solutions provided by Vedantu experts. The solutions will cover everything significant about the chapter so that students don’t have to miss out on important details about the sub-topics and problems of the chapter. For further help in solving questions from the chapter, download Free PDF with Solutions of Class 10 Chapter Number 4.1 The World is Mine.

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Access Maharashtra Board Solutions for English Class 10 Section Four 4.1 The World is Mine

1. Complete the following, after reading the poem.

  1. The poet saw a lovely girl hobble down……………

  2. The poet wanted to buy from the lad………………..

  3. The poet told the boy to join others to play but he couldn’t……………….

  4. The poet requests………………….. to forgive him.

Ans: Blanks are completed below: 

  1. The poet saw a lovely girl hobble down the aisle.

  2. The poet wanted to buy from the lad some sweets.

  3. The poet told the boy to join the others to play but he couldn’t hear.

  4. The poet requests God to forgive him.

2. Match the following.




The beautiful girl….


He can experience the beauty

and gifts of his life.


The lad who was selling sweets…


was hearing impaired


The child, watching others play…


was very beautiful to the speaker in the poem


The poet says ‘The World is

Mine’ because...


had a handicap in her legs.





The beautiful girl….


Had a handicap in her legs.


The lad who was selling sweets…


Was very thankful to the

speaker in the poem.


The child, watching others play…


Was hearing impaired


The poet says ‘The World is

Mine’ because...


He can experience the beauty

and gifts of his life.

3. What does the poet mean when she says ‘The World is Mine?’ Explain the importance of the title with reference to the poem.

Ans: To avoid crying about the things we believe we lack, the poet is trying to get across the idea that we should count our blessings and be thankful for the wonderful things in our lives. Every stanza ends with the poet thanking God for providing her with all she could ever want in life. Therefore, the poem's title is appropriate in light of the poem itself. It conveys the poem's main message, "Satisfaction is happiness."

4. Answer in your own words.

(a) What is the theme of the poem?

Ans: The poem's main message is that you should count your blessings rather than cry about what you think you lack. You should be grateful for the positive things in your life. The world and its pleasures are yours when you are grateful to God for everything that he has given you. When this happens, you value the things you ordinarily take for granted and stop finding excuses to cry.

(b) Do you think people with some handicap should beg for money? Justify your response.

Ans: People who have a disability shouldn't beg since they have a special gift from God that allows them to support themselves. Even in difficult circumstances, working is preferable to begging. The gifted qualities of the disabled can be used to live a regular life, not all that different from the rest.

(c) What is better?

(i) To completely take over the work and responsibility of a disabled person in order to help (OR)

(ii) Encourage such a person to do it himself/herself in a different way. Justify your choice.

Ans: According to me, option (ii) is better. It is preferable if we support a disabled person in contributing to society. Along with his or her disability, God blesses the person with remarkable capability that enables them to work, gain respect and support themselves and their families. To fully assume a disabled person's responsibilities to assist them would make them dependent their entire lives, leading to a life of helplessness and immorality.

5. Make a list of pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

(a) For example, Whine - mine,................, ...............

Ans: The list of rhyming words from the poem is: 

  1. Hair – fair

  2. Blue – do 

  3. Charm – harm

  4. Hear – dear

  5. Kind – blind.

(b) The Rhyme scheme of the first two stanzas is……………….

Ans: The rhyme scheme of the first stanza is aabcc.

The rhyme scheme of the second stanza is abbccdd.

6. Pick from the poem lines which contain the Figures of speech.

(a) Inversion

(b) Interrogation

(c) Onomatopoeia

(e) Apostrophe


(a) Line that contains a figure of speech 'inversion' is: "Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful girl". 

(b) Line that contains a figure of speech 'interrogation' is: “With legs to take me where I’ll go?”

(c) Line that contains a figure of speech 'onomatopoeia' is: "O God, forgive me when I whine".

(d) Line that contains a figure of speech 'apostrophe' is: "O God, forgive me when I whine".

7. Pick out 4 lines that contain Imagery.





Ans: Four lines that contain imagery are: 

(a) "I saw a lovely girl with silken hair". 

(b) "I saw a child with eyes of blue".

(c) "With eyes to see the sunset’s glow". 

(d) "I envied her, she seemed so gay". 

8. Among your classmates, one is unable to walk properly, the second one can’t hear properly and the third one can’t see this beautiful world. All of them are facing lots of difficulties in life. Compose a dialogue among them, about the problems and difficulties faced by them. You can take the help of the following dialogue to expand your ideas.

Student 1: Do you know, how many problems I have to face when I decide to go anywhere?

Student 2: I can’t hear anything.

Student 3: So, sad! You both can’t walk or hear but my problem is more serious than yours. You know, I can’t see this beautiful world.

(Now continue in your notebook.)


  1. Raj: Do you know how many difficulties I (a lame) have if I decide to travel?

  2. Sanju: Yes, I understand. However, you (a deaf person) can hear, whereas I am unable to do so.

  3. Amit: How unfortunate! Both of you are unable to hear or walk, but my issue is more serious than yours. I cannot see this lovely world, you know.

  4. Sanju: I can walk but I can't hear, sorry.

  5. Raj: But I'm not as mobile as you are. But I can speak and hear.

  6. Amit: You see, we all have unmet needs in our lives. If we work together, we all will be benefitted. 

  7. Raj: You are 100 per cent correct. If Sanju and you carry me on your back, I will tell you about this wonderful planet.

  8. Sanju: My dear, you are correct. Although I can carry you, how am I supposed to hear what you're saying?

  9. Don't be disappointed, Amit. Raj can communicate and view this lovely world. I am skilled at expressing myself with my hands and face. You can tell what we mean by our facial expressions and hand movements, so don't worry.

  10. That's good, Raj. We can understand what our teachers instruct and what our friends say if we support one another.

  11. Sanju: I can see and I have the strength to deal with the challenges in our lives. I will assist you if you are willing to serve as my "ears."

  12. Amit: Certainly. You are both my two eyes, and I can see the world as it is through you both.

  13. Raj: I appreciate you both serving as my two legs. Now that I think about it, I believe that if we live and work together, we won't have any problems.

  14. Sanju: That's just right! Together, let's make life simple, pleasurable, safe, and favourable for everyone.

9. Develop/Complete a story in your own words and suggest a title.

A polio victim and a strong, but visually challenged man, were friends. They wished to go to pay homage at a place of worship, three kilometres away. Now, continue the story and try to end it with a related moral/proverb.


                                                           Friends for Life

I'll massage your back while you scratch mine. Friendships were formed between a powerful but visually impaired man and a polio survivor. They wanted to travel three kilometres to a place of worship to pay respects. After travelling a short distance, polio victim Mohan was unable to continue. So he asked Yesudas, a buddy, to wait for him in a tree's shade.

Yesudas, the blind man, was a very decent and strong person. "If you are truly exhausted, I will take you on my back and if you show me the path, we will reach the spot," he said to his companion. Yesudas nodded in agreement as Mohan remarked, "That's a wonderful concept. I'll lead the way and take a few steps when you start to tyre myself out. Not to worry! Throughout the trip, I won't be a burden. Good, but until we get there, my dear friend, I wouldn't mind carrying you on my back.

So they decided to support one another. Yeshua put his companion Mohan on his back and guided him in the right direction. Each of them was able to get to the Shiva temple on time thanks to one another, and they both paid respects to Lord Shiva. "A friend in need is a friend indeed," they demonstrated.

There is a way where there is a will

Help one another and achieve your goals.

10. Recite/Read your favourite or any English poem before the class. Take help of

the following points while reciting the poem.

(a) Confidence and fluency

(b) Appropriate pronunciation and intonation

(c) Take proper pauses/stresses

(d) Proper voice and tone

(e) Pay attention to the music and rhythm of words and lines.

Ans: This is an activity-based question, students are advised to do it by themselves. 

11. Translate into your medium of instruction.

(a) A disabled person should be respected in society.

(b) A true friend ignores your weaknesses, corrects you and encourages you to make full use of your strengths.

(c) One cannot change everything that one faces, but nothing can be changed unless one faces it.

Ans: This is an activity-based question, students are advised to do it by themselves. 

12. Write a letter to your father requesting him to attend the social and cultural gathering of your school. Take help of the points given below.

  1. Social and cultural gathering a mega event.

  2. Varieties of activities conducted in the gathering.

  3. Your participation in two or three activities.

  4. Need to boost your confidence.


Ram Rathore,

Star Boys’ Hostel,


Dist – Jaipur.

12th Dec. 2020

Dear father,

To get your second letter in a week made me very delighted. I'm glad to send this letter inviting you to our social and cultural event. As you are aware, it is a major occasion that our school looks forward to every year.

It will be a fantastic occasion since this year marks our school's Golden Jubilee. We can thus invite our parents. Various activities will be carried out there. I'm taking part in a group dance, a solo dance and an act. As you are aware, I enjoy trying new things. Our annual gathering at our school is a truly great opportunity. We always attempt to use cultural activities to bring up social issues, so this time we are concentrating on the theme of "Save the Girl Child." I hope you will like it.

The event will take place on January 3rd from 7 o'clock till 11 p.m. Therefore, I ask that you go with my mother and share in my joy. Here, everything is going perfectly fine. I won't need to worry about them. How is grandmother doing these days? Send my respects to Mom, Grandma, and our neighbour, Sawant Aunty.

On the day of the meeting, I am looking forward to your appearance. Additionally, give me a call in my cabin so I can confirm your seats together.

Your loving son,

Ram Rathore

13. Project :

Divide the class into groups and conduct a poster-making competition for an Eye /Blood Donation Camp. Fix up the details of the above camp, like time, place etc.

Ans: This is an activity-based question, students are advised to do it by themselves.

Importance of Maharashtra Board textbook solutions for Class 10 English The World is Mine

The class 10 English chapter 4.1 The World is Mine is a crucial chapter included in the syllabus for Maharashtra Board students. The chapter provides information about all the different forms of quadratic equations and how they can be represented. The chapter also talks about the different methods of solving quadratic equations, such as the Factorization Method, the method of completing the square, and the Quadratic Formula. Students will learn about different concepts such as Nature of Roots, Factor Theorem, and Rolle’s Theorem in the chapter.

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Benefits of Using Vedantus' PDF Solutions for Class 10 English Maharashtra Board

  • No doubt, The World is Mine is one of the toughest chapters. But the concepts have been cleared with the solutions provided by Vedantu experts. They have explained each and every single process and concept in a very easy language. 

  • Practising from the Class 10 English Chapter Number 4.1 will help students in building a great foundation for the chapter. The chapter The World is Mine is a very important chapter in the syllabus, and students will get all the help in preparing for their exams. 

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Practice Well With Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter Number 4.1 Solutions

Download Maharashtra board class 10 English solutions chapter 4.1 The World is Mine and begin practising right now. There are a lot of concepts and formulas that you have to keep in mind for completing the chapter. Hence, early preparation will help you improve your understanding of the chapter. Download the PDF version of these solutions from Vedantu today.