Myself Essay in English for Class 3 Students

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Essay on Myself for Class 3 Students

Essay writing tasks are included in the curriculum of the junior school so as to inculcate good communication skills among the kids. Some kids are fond of writing essays and are able to express themselves with fluidity, while some kids struggle with essay writing. The only thing that will help these kids to improve their writing skills is a set of easy to understand guidelines. Here you can find two easy to understand essays on the topic ‘Myself’ for class 3, which will set the guidelines for your kids to write similar essays on their own.

  1. Essay on Myself

My name is Aarohi Sharma and I am eight years old. I stay at Lavelle Road in Bangalore and I study in Baldwin Girls’ High School. I am in class 3 and I love going to school every day. My father’s name is Rohan Sharma and he works in an IT organization. My mother’s name is Mansi Sharma and she is a homemaker. 

My favourite subjects are Maths and English. I have a lot of indoor games that help me to improve my mental math skills. I love solving puzzle games and Sudokus. Every day, when I return from school, my grandfather and I sit together to solve the Sudoku puzzle from the newspaper. I like to read storybooks that have amazing colorful pictures in it. ‘Rapunzel’ is my favorite storybook and I like the blonde hair that she lets down from the tower window.

 I like to watch cartoons and I try to paint the cartoon characters in my drawing book. My favourite cartoon character is Doraemon and I also have a soft toy of Doraemon. I love to have chocolates and my mother brings me yummy chocolates whenever I get a good grade at school. I like swimming very much and I never miss my swimming classes. My friend Aarti and I go to the swimming classes together. I also like playing basketball and I take basketball classes on the weekends. I love watching airplanes flying high in the sky until they disappear in the clouds. I aspire to become a pilot when I grow up.

  1. Essay on Myself

My name is Arjun Sen and I am eight years old. I stay at Richmond Circle, Bangalore. I study at St. Joseph’s Boys High School and I am in class 3. My father’s name is Gautam Sen and he works in the Indian Navy. My mother’s name is Mira Sen and she works in an NGO. I have an elder sibling, Rahul and he is in class 9. 

My favourite subjects are Maths and English. I like to practice maths every day and my elder brother helps me learn new English words. We have a room full of bookshelves at our home and during vacations, our father makes us read a few old books from there.

I am also very fond of painting and poetry. My elder brother writes his own poems and I like to read his poems. My favourite pastime is painting and I spend most of my time, painting scenery on the weekends. I love painting the sceneries of sunset in which the sky is orange.

My favourite food is Pasta and my mother prepares very delicious pasta dishes on Sundays. On Sunday evenings, she plays the piano and my brother recites his poetry along with it. My favourite sport is tennis and I take coaching classes for tennis every Wednesday and Friday. Roger Federer is my favourite tennis player. I also like to play football and I am a part of the football team in our school’s junior section. I aspire to become a tennis player when I grow up and play it as well as Roger Federer. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to write an essay on ‘Myself’ for class 3?

While writing essays on Myself, the kids will have to introduce themselves in the first paragraph. Some basic details like his name, his father’s name, mother’s name, etc are to be written in the first paragraph. In the next two paragraphs, kids will have to write about themselves. They may mention some hobbies, their favourite food, their favourite sport, etc.

2. What are the important points that have to be written in the essay on ‘Myself’, for class 3?

‘Myself’ is one of the easiest topics that kids may get to write an essay on in class 3. The following points may guide them to frame the essay easily.

  1. What is your name?

  2. How old are you?

  3. What are your father’s name and mother’s name?

  4. Which school do you go to?

  5. Which class are you studying in?

  6. What are your favourite subjects?

  7. What is your favourite sport?

  8. What is your favourite pastime?

  9. What is your favourite food?