Concise Physics Class 9 ICSE Solutions for Chapter 7 - Reflection of Light

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ICSE Class 9 Physics Chapter 7 Selina Concise Solutions - Free PDF Download

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At Vedantu, Selina Solutions are designed by the finest educators for supplying the premium solutions to all the problems which are given in the textbook. Selina publishers are acknowledged for ICSE textbooks. They are one of the best publishers. The publishers are strong-minded to bring the best and quality education in the sector of Mathematics and Science subjects.

Scholars of the ICSE and ISC board can depend on Selina Solutions at the time of their preparation for the examination in selected subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

ICSE Class 9 students are aided with an outstanding and informative educational system by Vedantu's learning program. Vedantu uses Selina Solutions for helping them with the definitive guide for all the problems covered in the textbook.

Selina Concise Physics Class 9 ICSE Solutions for Chapter 7 Reflection of Light part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Outline Some Salient Features of Selina Solutions.

Ans: Following are some of the important features of Selina Solutions. 

  • The solutions are designed based on the ICSE and ISC syllabus.

  • The Selina Solutions representation method is quite good and understandable. 

  • Students can opt for this publication for advanced concepts and solved question answers.

Q2. Let’s say that a Beam is an Incident on a Flat Mirror. The Reflected Ray is Making a Right Angle with the Incident Ray. Then, Calculate the Angle of Incidence.

Ans: As per the question, the reflected ray is perpendicular to the incident ray 

That is to say, i + r = 90° 

We know from the law of reflection that i = r 

As per the above statement, angle of incidence = angle of reflection

Or, i + i = 90°

Or, 2i = 90° 

Or, i = r = 45°

Q3. What are the Advantages for a Student to get Through the Vedantu App?

Ans: Here are some aspects that are beneficial for the students who have downloaded the Vedantu app:

  • They can access any content as per the ICSE syllabus.

  • The layout of the app is very familiar and can easily be learned.

  • They can download the pdf files of respective subjects for further learning.

Q4. What is the Purpose of the PYQP in Class 9 Board Exams?

Ans: Solving the sample papers can be helpful for the ICSE Class 9 Physics students. This can bring you a brief idea about the future examination’s pattern, way of question arrangements, along with marking strategies.